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Soggy Cereal, Episode 7, Facebook Likes
2011 Aug 0841m 32s
Outro music by the Glorious Veins. It's all free, Google it or something. I won a T shirt from them.
Soggy Cereal, Episode 6, A New Era
2011 Jul 2438m 22s
Soggy Cereal, Episode 6, A New Era by Soggy Cereal
Soggy Cereal, Episode 5, Harry Potter Part II
2011 May 1357m 30s
So bad we had to do it again!
Soggy Cereal, Episode 4, Harry Potter
2011 Mar 2236m 33s
The first of the shows with a shorter format. The format that lived. The orphaned power baby that we dumped on your doorstep after a disastrous wizard monster truck rally.
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