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Listen to Twitch streamer Fabinon_ babble about topics that can be classified as interesting.


Creating Content
2021 May 0459m 45s
today's topic is creating content and i have a lot to say about it. hear me talk about personal experiences as a content creator and stick around for some tips for beginners, professionals, and even people wishing to become a part of the content creating industry.
2021 Apr 2748m 46s
Today I talk about the change in imagination as you grow older, and I share some stories about my childhood, slightly scraping the topic of psychology.
Intro to the Podcast
2021 Apr 2029s
Hi there, I hope this sort of explains what I will be getting up to on this podcast.
Dungeons and Dragons
2021 Apr 2058m 42s
Listen to me ramble on about the pros, cons, and personal experiences with the most popular pen and paper RPG, Dungeons and Dragons.
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