The Young N' Driven Podcast
  • Olivia Harris
6 episodes
This podcast is meant to lift and inspire all creatives alike by discussing the many things we go through and feel that often get overlooked. From mental health, to how to balance our careers and personal life, as well as the differnt ways to be successful while staying authentic. This podcast is hosted by Olivia Harris a musician and content creator whose goal is to share her art with the world while helping other's step into their own light. - #Young N' Driven


Your Struggle is Your Story | Episode 6
2021 Jun 0813m 30s
In this episode I talk about turning what you may view as your struggle or handicap into seeing it as something that is going to make your story great. The same thing you maybe facing and dealing with now is the same thing that is going to make your success that much more satisfying once you achieve it.
Your Worth Vs. Your Work
2021 Jun 014m 19s
This is a earlier pre-recorded episode I did before I started having segments in the podcast, I was unable to record this week, so I grabbed this from the archive. In this episode I talk about how we as creatives need to sometimes remember to separate our worth as people vs the worth of our work.
Episode Four - "Aint No Rules"
2021 May 2515m 13s
Welcome to another episode of the pod. In my first segment I start off with the quote of the week from Shonda Rhimes. Which then leads me into my main discussion. Which is, "There are No Rules". I discuss how we all no matter what level we are in our careers, are all just doing what works for us. There is no blueprint, or missing secret that you have to figure out. I mention the Joe Budden Podcast as an example of this. And then I finally close out the podcast with a fun light-hearted question of the week! Dont forget to subscribe, like, and review the podcast!
Episode Three- "Know Your Weakness"
2021 May 1813m 47s
In todays podcast I talk about something we as creatives tend to struggle with and that is creating a schedule. We tend to like to work only when we are inspired or in flow. But in this episode I talk about why being on a schedule will help your creative process immensely.
Episode Two- Remembering Your Purpose At All Times
2021 May 107m 27s
In this episode I talk about the importance of remembering your purpose at all times when and while you create art for the world. Its so easy to get consumed and distracted by money, fame, attention that you sometimes allow these things to dominate you and ultimately make you forget your "Why" for even creating art in the first place. ~ Young N' Driven
Episode One - Facing Fear
2021 May 0410m 19s
In this episode I break down and dissect fear. I believe to be able to truly overcome something you have to know the root and true cause of it. I explain fear as being a emotional response to a particular belief that your having. And by the end I give 3 differnt ways you can overcome and combat fear. Enjoy the episode and dont forget to like and review the podcast! ~  #Young N' Driven
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