• Emily and Larrisa
8 episodes
we are two teenage girls discussing the world from our view. covering topics ranging from politics to what we had for breakfast, our duo can help shine some light on your day and bring you some laughs!


Episode 8: Real Talk
2021 Jun 1453m 19s
In this episode, we get more serious with topics like family relations and even death. If these topics aren’t something you’re comfortable with, that’s fine! Tune in next time. :)
Episode 7: Catching Up
2021 May 2940m 1s
Because of our absence, we’ve decided to post a catching up episode! We ramble, tell you about our lives, and joke around. Give it a listen to see what we’ve been up to!
Episode 6: Questions From the Internet
2021 Mar 1741m 50s
In this episode, we answer random questions from the internet. This episode is actually pretty entertaining and was a lot of fun to discuss and record!
Episode 5: Social Media Drama
2021 Mar 0647m 17s
In this episode, we discuss drama on social media from influencers and even people we know! We also lowkey expose ourselves so if that sounds interesting, give it a listen!
Episode 4: Valentine’s Special
2021 Feb 1444m 56s
Today we’re talking about relationships, friendships, and everything in between! This episode is fiiiiiillllllled with stories and interesting things we’ve experienced in the realm of love, so you don’t wanna miss it!
Episode 3: Covid Funtimes
2021 Feb 0337m 5s
In this episode we discuss how the pandemic has personally affected our lives. We know you’re tired of hearing about COVID but c’mon it’s a good episode! (We mention a conspiracy episode but we haven’t released that yet. It’s coming, we promise)
Episode 2: The Family Situation
2021 Jan 2735m 19s
Today we’re talking about our family and childhoods! If you enjoy daddy issues and family drama, this episode is for you!
Episode 1: The Beginning
2021 Jan 2422m 42s
Hi! We’re Emily and Larrisa and this is our first podcast episode! We talk about ourselves, the start of our friendship, first impressions and more! If you enjoyed this, be sure to keep up with us!
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