• James Bradshaw
1 episode
The Podcast Between me Sami and India, we always said would start one, and finally, WE DID IT!


First Podcast
2021 Mar 1850m 45s
This is the first podcast between Me (James) Sami and India. (0.00-8:59) (10:54- 12:40) Biggest regrets (9:00-10:54) -James’ secret to making friends. (12:41-18:40) -Unnecessary Drama in the theatre department. (18:40-23:03) - upcoming and past Theatre Officer races. (23:03-28:50) -SKYLAR AND YASMINE 😤. (28:50-38:08) -Morgan Defending James. (38:08-42:52) -Situation! What would do? (42:52-47:25)- CANCEL SAMI ASAP 🎺. (47:25-50:45) - Outro
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