Taking My Life Back
  • Kacie Jensen
7 episodes
The past year, I struggled and was lost. My relationship with food, my body, and anxiety was at its lowest. I didn’t know how to love myself or how to get back to the person I knew I was. This is my journey of finally taking my life back, filled with experiences, lessons, regaining self love and confidence, chit chats with family and friends, and many more moments that I hope to share with others in moments of need.


Lets Get Vulnerable
2021 Jun 1519m 37s
In this weeks episode I talk about where I've been and why I didn't post last week. I get vulnerable and talk about the struggles I face. I want everyone to know I'm not perfect and I have struggles and that is okay and that's what I hope this weeks episode shows!
Growth Within Changes Ft. Kylie Part Two
2021 Jun 0121m 19s
Hope you enjoyed part one. Shit gets real again in part two! First of many episodes together. We get deep into our experiences, relationships, perspectives, and more.
Growth Within Changes FT. Kylie part one
2021 May 2721m 9s
Shit gets real! First of many episodes together. We get deep into our experiences, relationships, perspectives, and more. This is part one od the two part episode. stay tuned next week for part two.
Anti-diet, Diet culture, and Intuitive eating
2021 May 1924m 22s
This weeks episode I touch the basics of diet culture. ditching the dieting and just living your life is the way to go and that's what I explain in this weeks episode. As well has start to introduce intuitive eating and what it is with many analogies and much more.
Q&A:podcast, struggles, ed recovery, and self love
2021 May 1126m 30s
Welcome back to episode three! this week I answer the questions you asked when it comes to self love, struggle, the podcast and more. ways to handle food guilt and self love and what this podcast has for the future.
What They Don't Tell You When Developing an ED
2021 May 0430m 49s
This episode breaks down all the underlying things they don't tell you when developing an Eating Disorder and talks about how to focus on the positive things about yourself rather than the negative things and to stop comparing yourself to others.
Introduction / getting to know me
2021 Apr 2718m 55s
Hello and welcome to my very first podcast! this is just a little intro to what my podcast will consist of and a little about me. Bare with me while I get the hang of this whole thing and I’m happy your here for the journey 🤍
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