Candid From The Heart
  • Josh
6 episodes
Join me on a journey of self discovery as I hit a quarter life crisis at 33! We will have honest and straightforward talks about everything from breakups, and career struggles, to mental health issues, LGBTQ+ topics, and friendship topics. This ever changing podcast gives you an honest view of life struggles through my eyes.


Going out alone and the power behind that.
2021 May 1812m 42s
In this podcast I talk about my experiences going out alone and how it has impacted my life.
Confidence and self love
2021 May 0316m 57s
In this podcast, I talk about the power of confidence and self love. I reflect how hard this journey has been for me and how I have battled to feel more confident.
Staying friends with your ex.
2021 Apr 2215m 26s
In this episode I talk about the struggles it is staying friends with your ex. I talk about my experience and how life looks different post breakup.
Belonging to a community, yourself, and a partner.
2021 Apr 0328m 59s
In this episode, I talk about the natural desire we have as humans to want to belong. I explain my journey for wanting to belong in a community, to a partner, and to myself.
Dating in your 30s as a gay man!
2021 Mar 3027m
In this episode we dive into the reality of dating in your 30s - especially in the LGBTQ+ community. I share my dating experiences, and what I struggle with when it comes to being a gay man looking for love in my 30s.
Hi! My name is Josh...okay....I can do this! Today’s topic: intro and breakups
2021 Mar 3026m 14s
Thanks for joining me! In this episode you learn a little about me and learn about my podcast! We will also dive into our first topic, which will be about breakups and relationships.
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