• Casters Keep
2 episodes
A podcast about 2 best friends just trying to figure out why Petyr Baelish's accent changes every season.


Episode 02: S7Ep2 Stormborn
2017 Jul 2451m 31s
Maybe I'll fix the audio problems next week, maybe I won't! (I probably will)On this week's presentation of everyone's favorite water cooler topic we basically come to the conclusion that this season's Euron Greyjoy was created in a lab for us to fall in love with him.
Episode 01: S7Ep1 Dragonstone
2017 Jul 2446m 2s
Our Inaugural podast! Everything sounds terrible and and we don't know what we're doing, but we definitely know how to talk about our favorite Game of Thrones character Petyr Baelish; A strong contender is fast approaching to steal that throne though.
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