RE-IMAGED - Steven Steele
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Reimage podcast with Steven Steele is geared towards bringing relevant insight to New Creation reality that is in Christ (John 3:16 -2 Cor 5:17) unveiling spiritual principles and Truths in the Word of God through relevant, Bible teaching focused on the supernatural life that is in Christ Jesus.


Who is He?- Part 1 April 22 2021
2021 Apr 2242m 33s
Is is important that we have the right Image of Who Jesus is. Luke 24:13-32
Good Friday Live - The Truth of the Gospel -Part 8 April 2
2021 Apr 0226m 4s
The Father Loves you and I! That is the Truth of the Gospel. Romans 5:8-10. Hebrews 12:1-2
The Gospel Part 7 (Proclaim It) -march 25 2021
2021 Mar 2545m 59s
It now the job of the believer (Sons of God) to Proclaim the Good and what it means - Luke 4:14-21
The Gospel Part 5 (Not Ashamed of Power) - March 18, 2021
2021 Mar 1731m 7s
Romans 1:9-17 let's know that is something great working on the in Side of the Gospel. We can't be ashamed to share it!
The Gospel Part 4(The Power of God) - March 11, 2021
2021 Mar 1145m 59s
Romans 1, there is Power in the Gospel of Christ, unto liberty. We must believe, preach it and re-enforce it.
The Gospel (If the Gospel is Hid) Part 3 - If the God is Hid
2021 Mar 0345m 59s
We me tell, talk and live for Jesus, 2 Cor 4:1-4
The Gospel (Any other Gospel) Part 2 - Feb 24 21
2021 Feb 2545m 59s
The Apostle Paul, wants us to know that the work Jesus, did for us is more than enough for Salvation through HIM. Gal 1:9
The Gospel Part 1 - Feb 11 2021
2021 Feb 1034m 31s
What we are filled with and what we believe. We will speak. Its the good News. Romans 10
What do you believe (It has to be in the Heart)-Part 5 Jan 28 21
2021 Jan 2751m 29s
Romans 10:5-12, what we believe will lead us to speaking. It is the Word of Faith in our hearts that brings to confessing.
What do you believe (The stewardship of Believing)-Part 4 Jan20 21
2021 Jan 2055m 49s
How are we managing what comes in and out of our Hearts and we believe.  Luke 8:11-15