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This podcast is mostly about story telling. I’ll be talking about dramas, anime’s, and novels I’ve watched and read.


Story Time: Trash of the Count’s Family
2021 May 2516m 3s
Today’s story time is a bit interesting hehe... Today’s episode initially starts from a rant and ends with the novel “Trash of the Count’s Family”. This story is purely fictional and should not be taken too serious (read with an open mind) 😁. The story is focused on our main character “Cale Henituse” and his “slacker life” :) https://www.novelupdates.com/series/trash-of-the-counts-family/
Story time: Mouse (kdrama)
2021 May 1712m 13s
Today’s story time is about a mouse... 😁 Just kidding! The drama revolves around psychopaths and how they work... it’s a 20 episode drama starring Lee Seung-gi (our baby😉). For those interested a link is provided below... Mouse https://www.viki.com/tv/37678c-mouse
Story time: Beyond Evil
2021 Apr 279m 10s
This episode is about the Korean series “Beyond Evil”. It is a thriller and suspense filled drama with major horror elements and a little bit of dry humor. This series will take you on a suspense ride and you’ll find yourself constantly on your toes. Here is a link to the drama for the interested folks.. Beyond Evil https://www.viki.com/tv/37765c-beyond-evil
Story time: An introduction to Bangtan Boys (casual time)
2021 Apr 1815m 44s
This episode is more of a casual conversation or more of me ranting about my babies. I hope you like it and actually enjoy the episode. Key phrases from the podcast 1. Maknae: the youngest of the group 2. Bias: the person you connect the most to. 3. Armies: the fandom of BTS
Story time: Merlin
2021 Apr 1117m 17s
Today's episode of story time is about the British drama "Merlin". The drama is about a young boy, Merlin carrying on his shoulders the destiny of a great kingdom. "Merlin" is a fictional drama with lots of magic, dragons, knights and many more. It is definitely a must watch!
Story time: 5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom
2021 Apr 0215m 18s
Today’s story time is about an Asian fictional novel I read. It’s a super fluffy, cute and dramatic novel with the novel centered around our main character Guan Yuan an 18 year old mom with a 44 year old soul and 5 sons..... the link is attached below for those of y’all that want to check out the novel https://www.wattpad.com/story/232401914?utm_source=ios&utm_medium=link&utm_content=story_info&wp_page=story_details&wp_uname=Enny-ola&wp_originator=nBrhAXF7D5rOMFelVVQfJrF95ohn%2FcgCLTG62LkiOyfecgeCY2V979NMB%2Bdt0NSVk0l7bMZJZeEfnOIpVX5avY6tIo1i6Xj3t2u87fhS0Sb75rlEqjpqSalQdcSrTvp6
Story time: Mr Queen (KDrama)
2021 Mar 3011m 16s
This episode is about the drama Mr Queen. Mr queen is a romantic comedy drama with lots of political and power play involved. It switches from the modern Korean day and age to the Joseon dynasty. A modern man soul trapped in the body of a joseon dynasty princess consort.
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