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Big Story covers the top technology news itemes spotlighted by Bryan and Chris


Presto, Maemo, and KOffice 2.0! News UPDATE March 10th 2009
2009 Mar 10
Bryan and Chris review some of the top news stories for the week!
Kindle 2 and RadicalCodex
2009 Feb 10
Bryan and Chris cover the Kindle 2’s announcement, and Bryan’s new eBook and Comic Book reader RadicalCodex for Linux!
NewsUPDATE 1-30-2009, with Bryan and Chris
2009 Jan 31
Bryan and Chris cover some of the top stories in the OSS world that caught our eye.
OLPC Layoffs, HP Mini Linux, Palm Pre
2009 Jan 09
Bryan and Chris cover some top stories in this episode of NewsUPDATE:
News Update: VirtualBox, Ubuntu EC2, Mint 6
2008 Dec 18
New show format called, News Update. This show came about organically when we realized sometimes we need to flip on the camera and just talk about some of the interesting news of the week.
Big Story: Fedora 10 Released, a Feature Roundup
2008 Dec 18
This episode of Fedora 10 features information about the new Fedora 10 release, some new features developed by the Fedora project, as well as a final commentary on their new theme.
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