• Jasmine Lorimer & Cole Hilton
11 episodes
Canada’s first and only “Bachelorette”, Jasmine Lorimer provides a comedic inside scoop on her behind-the-scenes experience within the franchise, while her unwitting American friend, Cole tries to decrypt the mystique and mayhem that is Bachelor Nation. This podcast aims to prove that drama knows no borders.


Kitten Mittens
2021 Jun 0850m 25s
Cats, creeps, caravans and Katie! Season 2 of Friends Off Podcast has begun and this time Jasmine and Cole share their thoughts on season 17 of The Bachelorette (US).
After the Final Edit
2021 Jun 0744m 36s
Jasmine recounts her experience on After the Finale Rose, explains why her and Kevin's press day was cancelled, and how she decided to stand up to other people's opinions. As Jasmine and Cole close out their recap of The Bachelorette Canada, Jasmine shares her final thoughts through the days leading up to and following the finale, including her flipping some folks the bird at a Grey Cup game in Toronto. Cole gives an honest and sobering take on the franchise as the two of them set up for season 2. Many thoughts. Much opinion.
Fancy Suites
2021 Jun 0539m 20s
While it may sound like Cole is sedated, in actuality he is amped to get into Jasmine's experience through episode 9 of The Bachelorette Canada, aka the "fantasy suite" dates. Unfortunately these dates are much less of a fantasy than the viewers might assume.
Homestyle Dates
2021 Jun 031h 1m 11s
After a wee break, Jasmine and Cole are back to recap the infamous hometown dates of The Bachelorette Canada. Please take all commentary with a grain of salt, be mindful of the edit, and remember that the families involved did not sign up to be a part of this show. PEACE AND LOVE.
Gathering Nips
2021 May 2729m 20s
As things begin to get heavy in Morocco, Jasmine recounts the lessons she's learned through her experience on The Bachelorette Canada. Cole recaps a cow-milking experience that you are likely to never forget (even if you want to). Catch up with Cole and binge The Bachelorette Canada on HBO Max, Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube, or probably some illegal streaming services. And don't forget to subscribe to the podcast!
How to Have Fun in Puddles
2021 May 2554m 34s
Jasmine recalls her off-camera memories from the first week in Morocco including an electrical fire and maybe being mistaken for Shakira, while Cole discovers what a 2-on-1 date is and also says a bittersweet goodbye to his archenemy, Drew. The Bachelorette Canada may have aired 5 years ago, but the abhorrence towards Cole's least favourite contestants remains irrationally current.
Lemme Get Them Toes
2021 May 2050m 15s
If you want to see how badly Cole can annoy Jasmine, this is the episode for you! In a particularly argumentative and off-topic episode of Friends Off, the two of them discuss insane conspiracy theories, unhealthy iced tea consumption and foot fetishes, while still managing to cover episode 5 of The Bachelorette Canada. Next stop, Morocco!
A "Softer" Moment
2021 May 1740m 26s
Jasmine details one of her most [potentially] embarrassing moments while filming The Bachelorette Canada, Cole discusses his ideas for a bagel shop, and the two of them break down the behind-the-scenes details of episode 4 in Montreal. Attache ta tuque!
Burning Q's and Pantaloons
2021 May 1431m 51s
Cole provides an impressively speedy recap of episode 3 of The Bachelorette Canada, and Jasmine answers all of your burning questions.
Tonguey Trudeau
2021 May 1034m 41s
Jasmine and Cole dive into the debate behind nippled water bottles, what Cole would look like with a perm, and finally settle on the proper pronunciation of "women". Jasmine shares what it feels like to have an uncomfortable make-out session on national television, and Cole continues to be terrorized by Bachelorette Canada villain, Drew.