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Hi, everyone, my name's Oak, and I'm from Thailand. My purpose in making the podcast is to share my life experience or something that would make you guys gain several effective knowledge for me. Some episodes might have a special guest to talk with us and share their life journey. Moreover, personally, I prefer to talk and share my life experience, so It would be great if you guys listen to my podcast. Thank you and I hope you guys enjoy it!


After Covid19
2021 Jun 1215m 59s
2021 May 3121m 10s
This too shall pass.
2021 May 2120m 15s
Analyzing Mother! movie(Thai Audio)
2021 May 0217m 5s
HI guys this is the episode of analyzing a film which was called Mother!, but it is in the Thai language. So, if you guys are interested to make an English version please. do not hesitate to tell me. Hope you guys enjoy thank you.
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