It's About Being Seen
  • Nikki Hiltz
5 episodes
Hosted by Nikki Hiltz, the "It’s About Being Seen" podcast is special collection of conversations with members of the Pride 5k community who used the race to come out in 2020. We hope y'all enjoy! "The things you hear about coming out may make you feel pressured to take steps that don’t feel right for you, or that you don’t feel prepared for. Your experience is truly unique to you. You get to decide what works best...You are valid and deserve support no matter who you do or do not share your identities with." -Trevor Project Coming Out: A Handbook for LGBTQ Young People


Intro Episode
2021 May 0151m 32s
Nikki and Emma introduce the “It’s About Being Seen” podcast, and explain how it all came to be. Nikki shares stories about their young gender fluid self and Emma shares when she has felt the most seen. We hope you enjoy this honest conversation! Thank you for being a part of the Pride 5k community.
Jen from Oregon (Week 3)
2021 Apr 2732m 13s
Meet Jen, a camera technician living in Portland, Oregon. Last year, Jen came out as bisexual on Twitter. She talks about the consistency of identity and how coming out simply affirms who she is. She also talks photography, triathlons, and surfing.
Maria from Michigan (Week 1)
2021 Apr 2737m 32s
Meet Maria, a Michigan native who works for Disney in Orlando, Florida. During our conversation, Maria shares her coming out journey and offers profound advice for people still in the closet. If you want to hear some wisdom, take a listen.
Scott from San Diego (Week 4)
2021 Apr 2737m 8s
Meet Scott, a San Diego native who lives with his wife Katie in New York City. In 2020, Scott used the Pride 5k to fundraise money for the Trevor Project and to come out about his bisexual identity to friends and family. Scott's story is a powerful reminder that it is never too late to show up as you are.
Sydnee from Kansas (Week 2)
2021 Apr 2723m 45s
Meet Sydnee, a college student at the University of Kansas. She talks about her support of the Trevor Project and her experience coming out to family and friends during quarantine. Sydnee reminds us that gender identity and sexuality are valid regardless of a person's coming out process or any negative response.
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