She's Done Lost Her Mind
  • Eva Marie
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Welcome to my attempt to turn a nightmare into a dream! Yes, I may have lost my mind (a few times, now). This shop represents me trying to take a bag of rotten lemons and turn them into a margarita as I am one of many caught in the limbo of too ill to commit and work a structured job and ALSO too ill to wait for Social Security's disability process to go through the gears of rejection as I also live in a state that didn't take the expansion. The only way I can get medical care fit for anything above the level of a gnat is to attempt to work for myself so I qualify for health insurance ..


Don't Shy Away - Nevaeh Buchanan
2021 May 1136m 40s
Almost 12 years ago a beautiful little girl would be discovered to have met a tragic end to her little innocent life. Her name, Nevaeh Buchanan. Since the day the story hit the news I have not been able to get this little girl out of my mind's eye. Every year I remember her tragic end, how it is unsolved and how she was just 5 years old. In this episode I reflect back and ask questions of why..........
Shelby Andrews - A Child Sexual Assault and C-PTSD survivor
2021 May 081h 16m 45s
In this episode I introduce you to a friend who has been my go to on certain other worldly topics including being intuitive and more.
Gluten Free Tips - Art Therapy and Grieving Suicide - an Awareness
2021 Apr 3039m 26s
It has been one of those days.
An intro to She's Done Lost Her Mind.
2021 Apr 2734m 46s
The Intro
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