Keep on Singing: "Reddy or Not" with Lance and Joanna
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This is a podcast about Helen Reddy, the hit cabaret comedy that she inspired, “Reddy or Not”, and the process of making live music and theater in New York City’s aughts and beyond! Lance Werth and Joanna Parson will explore Helen Reddy’s songs as featured in their plucky, lucky show. With trivia and guests from the worlds of pop music and Broadway, expect nostalgia, laughs and more. About Lance and Joanna in "Reddy or Not": "Hilarious!" - "Had me weeping from laughter" - Cabaret Hotline On-Line "As hilarious as it is endearing" - New York Magazine


"Keep On Singing" - Lance and Joanna, the great Helen Reddy, and a little earwig from the '70s...
2021 Apr 1631m 34s
In this episode, Lance Werth and Joanna Parson chat through the origin story of their comedy cabaret tribute to Helen Reddy, "Reddy or Not," and then take a deeper dive into the song "Keep On Singing."
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