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The word "Apokalypsis" is the Greek word for "Revelation ". Apokalypsis Hour is a weekly Christian podcast that offers series of Pastor Michael Gregory's teachings, base on biblical truth's and principles ; through "Apokalypsis Hour" the truth's behind biblical scriptures are been unveil, destinies are been altered , understanding are been enlightened and Jesus Christ revealed in His fullness. Visit>>>https://li.sten.to/ApokalypsisHourPodcast to listen on your favorite podcast platforms. Email: apokalypsishourpodcast@gmail.com for more info and inquiries. We love you!


Growing Up Spiritually pt1
2021 Mar 0143m 16s
There are heights and levels that a Christian believer might not reach or attain, untill such individual is spiritually grown. Most Christian believers are been denied what rightfully belongs to them, and the promises of God are not manifested nor fine expression in their lives because they are spiritual babe's. Rate, review, connect, and subscribe to listen on your favorite podcast listening platforms. go to↓ https://li.sten.to/ApokalypsisHourPodcast
Manifested Love
2021 Feb 2252m 9s
Love is one of the most important needs of every human, despite the skin color or race; no body in this world wanno be hated, but to be loved... But the big questions are (1) How can you be able to identify love when you see one? (2) how do you Express Love the right way?, (3) what are the true Characteristics of true love. (4) what are the types of love? (5) what is love?etc. In this episode we will be exploring and revealing Love. Just click on the play button to listen. For inquiries and contributions Email us at apokalypsishourpodcast@gmail.com or the host at pastormichaelgregory@gmail.com facebook:@apokalypsishourpodcast twitter @ApokalypsisHour if you love this show please help it to grow by droping your reviews, it will be highly appreciated. https://linktr.ee/ApokalypsisHour
Knowledge of the Christ : The Mission of the Christ
2021 Feb 051h 22m 31s
The knowledge of the Christ : the mission of christ; answers questions such as 1. Who is the Christ. 2. What was his Mission. 3. What qualified him for the mission. etc. Click on the play button to enjoy the teachings, and please don't forget to like and drop your review about Apokalypsis Hour podcast. Follow our social media handles, tell someone, to tell someone, to tell someone about Apokalypsis Hour Podcast. >>> log on to https://linktr.ee/ApokalypsisHourPodcast to listen on your favorite podcast platforms and follow our social media handles. You can also help in spreading the gospel to the nations of the earth by partnering with us through your giving. Email pastormichaelgregory@gmail.com for more enquiries and prayer request.
The knowledge of the Christ: The knowledge of the person of Christ
2021 Jan 2353m 22s
As it is God's will that we all should believe on the name of His son Jesus the Christ. It is impossible to believe on someone you don't really know; these teachings is going to be exposing "The person of the Christ to your Comprehension. this messages is from the series title "The Knowledge of Christ" and this part is title "The Knowledge of the person of the Christ" Please Click on the play button to listen. ----------------------------------------------- to connect with us please kindly log on to http//www.li.sten.to/PastorMichaelGregory.
Knowledge of the Christ: Understanding Knowledge || Pst Michael Gregory
2021 Jan 1613m 27s
In these part of our world Knowledge is very important, although it has it advantage and disadvantage. Please Just click on the play button. To connect with us simply log unto https://www.linktr.ee/ApokalypsisHourPodcast
2020 Dec 191h 55s
A problem is a difficulty that has to be resolved or dealt with. In the Church there is a problem that has been ignored in the Churches and most people thinks that it's normal, but there problem is gradually tearing the Church apart when they are supposed to be in unity and same belief. It is amazing how in the Church we have one God, One saviour and Lord Jesus the Christ, one same Holy Spirit, and we all read same bible scriptures, but yet we have deferent beliefs opposite to another. In these teachings we gonno be unveiling the problem, the causes, the right Church system and how the church can come out of these problem. Nevertheless bear with me the teaching was recorded inside a tent church close to neighborhoods, so, please ignore the background noise and focus on the teachings; it can only get better! For support and inquiries you can call or send a message to +234 813 4268 466, all our social links and contacts available on http//li.sten.to/PastorMichaelGregory
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