• Candies Sutanto and Jessica Yap
5 episodes

Candies and Jessica are two best friends who have been through different phases of their lives together - from surviving university, heartbreaks, living thousands of miles away from their families, finding jobs and living as foreigners in the UK, to moving up the career ladder, buying a house, and generally perfecting the art of ‘adulting’.

This podcast is produced with the hope of it being entertaining, informative, laugh-till-your-belly-hurts hilarious, and somewhat inspiring. Think of us as your Asian big sisters sharing our experiences and mistakes, so you can learn from them, laugh with us and dodge a few bullets along the way!

New episodes every Tuesday.


Episode 05: We Love Traveling - Not The Tragedies
2021 Jun 0837m 34s
Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, selamat datang di Two Pills in a Pod podcast episode 5.. Silah pasang tali keledar anda. Perjalanan ini akan mengambil masa selama 37 menit. (Ladies and gentlemen, welcome abroad to Two Pills in a Pod podcast episode 5.. Please fasten your seat belt. The journey today will take approximately 37 minutes.)
Episode 04: The One Where We Talk About Friendships
2021 Jun 0129m 12s
We strongly believe that friends are the family that you choose for yourselves. Therefore, they are an important part of our lives. BFF, right? We form bonds with our friends that are so unique and strong, we build a secondary family while being away from home. These friendships are so precious to us, but some of our friends chose to move back home after university. Keeping the friendships going ain’t easy - especially when you throw in time differences and distance into the mix. We are definitely not strangers to long distance friendships, and our friends are too important for us to just let go.
Episode 03: Adulting 101: How We Found Jobs in the UK - From International Students to Pharmacists
2021 May 2533m 33s
Unless you’re a member of the Royal Family, everyone has found themselves in that position where they have to look and apply for jobs, work on their CVs, and attend interviews. We all know how gruelling that process can be. However, the journey becomes extra hard when you throw in immigration status, minimum salary requirements and expiring visas!
Episode 02: Anti-Asian Racism- About Time We Talk About This
2021 May 1851m 21s
Have you ever walked on the street minding your own business and suddenly someone is shouting racial slurs at you? Have you ever been made uncomfortable when someone makes a comment about your race? Have you been that person who was insensitive to other races and now want to do better?
Episode 01: Hello World! Welcome to Two Pills in A Pod
2021 May 0224m 19s
Welcome to our first episode! In this episode, we chat about the idea behind the podcast, why we chose to study Pharmacy, culture shocks, homesickness, life in the UK as international students, part time jobs and all that fun stuff!
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