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The Clearing Barrel Podcast is real talk for real people.


Episode 6 retake 1
2021 May 241h 9m 14s
On this podcast we talk with Drake Hardin about coaching and the MLB, we also talk about how easy slow pitch softball is. Lips gets a little carried away and lives up to his nickname.
Ep 5 Lanphiers finest
2021 May 051h 7m 53s
On todays episode we talk to two Lanphier football Players Connor and Jake. we discussed future plans and recapped the season. Found out the winner of our next guest and What's happening this weekend. Making young men be men is extremely humbling!!
Ep 4 Lips comes out of the Government Quarantine
2021 May 041h 3m 42s
On this episode we talk about Quarantine, NFL draft, Mitt Romney getting booed, what we regret not doing as teenagers and more.
EP 3 NFL Mock Draft
2021 May 0159m 8s
On this episode we talk about the NFL mock draft, and top 5 rappers.
Ep 2 Men need to be Fathers
2021 May 011h 7m 24s
On this episode we talk about men needing to be fathers, High school football, the MLB and some NFL.
Clearing Barrel episode 1
2020 Dec 2343m 45s
We talk about what the clearing barrel is and why it needs to happen. We talk about the holiday season, sports, and all about us!
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