The Giving It a Go Podcast
  • Ben Fleming & Ewan Muir
3 episodes
Join Ben Fleming & Ewan Muir on The Giving It a Go Podcast. Expect a lot of laughs and civil debates, that may or may not turn into heated arguments! They'll share their thoughts on certain topics and how they would tweak their favourite movies and shows. Some episodes will even include special guests! On this series, they will be joined by Luke Harold and Kali Muir. Join us every Sunday from May 9th until October 2021 for new episodes!


Luke Harold and Laughing Too Much
2021 May 1648m 41s
Join Ben Fleming and guest host Luke Harold as they discuss Boris Johnson scandals, plans for the future and become extremely enthusiastic. Luke discusses old game consoles he used to have and Ben just tries to keep it all together this week!
YouTube and Planning for the Future!
2021 May 1038m 37s
Join Ben Fleming and Ewan Muir as they discuss their plans for the future. Ewan discusses his plans to start a YouTube channel one day and Ben discusses his back-up plan to start acting.
May the 4th be With You, Always!
2021 May 0424m 16s
Welcome to the first bonus episode of The Giving It a Go Podcast! Join Ben and Ewan as they discuss the future of Star Wars on Disney+ and much more!
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.