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Hi, my name is Jay, but most call me by my streaming name, Dread Captain James. I've been a streamer/content creator for about three years on Twitch and YouTube, and as this Podcast launches, I'll be starting my journey into the world of the full time. This podcast is designed to help take you through my journey as a streamer, starting from the very beginning through leaving my job and going full-time. Every mistake, every success, every trick I know, and everything that I've learned, I would like to pass on to you. Thanks for spending a few minutes with me!


Building a Brand
2021 May 0212m 17s
Why do streamers talk about building a brand? What's that even mean? Sit back and relax, I'll tell you what I've come to know about branding and public image, both big and small.
What is Streaming and How Do I Do It?
2021 Apr 1914m 14s
We've made it to episode four, and I haven't really even explained what streaming is, let alone how to get started. This episode covers what a streamer does, and why, followed by how to get started. It's a long windy path, and you might be surprised by how much work is required for you to see the broadcast at all.
Twitter and How I Fixed My Mistakes
2021 Apr 1011m 46s
Twitter became my own worst enemy, and it tied up way more time than I wanted to admit, yielding nothing at all. Here's what I did to fix it and move forward.
Twitter and The Mistakes I've Made
2021 Apr 0417m 23s
This is the episode where I tell you all of the mistakes I have made regarding Twitter. There are quite a few, and I'm owning up to them, right now.
The Beginning of an Era
2021 Mar 2815m 32s
Why do you want to become a streamer?
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