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DD#12- Zed's Escape from Syria
2021 May 111h 15m 3s
In Canada, we’ve had a large influx of Syrians into our country over the last 10 years due to the civil war conflicts that are still ongoing. These conflicts are Syrians to flee their country in massive numbers. I’ve had the privilege of befriending several Syrians (now Canadians) over the years. My guest on the podcast this week is one of them. Zed was one of the much luckier Syrians who got a legal exit from the country during the heat of conflict due to his father getting foreign work placement. He sits with me to share the stories of many who were not as lucky as him and had to flee on their own. He also explains what life was like in Syria during these conflicts, how those against the regime organized and how living in a warzone became the new normal.
DD#11- Spiritual Journeymen w/ Zack Savage
2021 May 041h 24m 36s
Sage the house, light a candle, open your third eye because this Digestible Discussion episode features Spiritual Healer and Soul Coach Zack Savage. Zack opens up about his own spiritual journey, his retreat to South America for an Ayahuasca ceremony and he does a tarot card reading for me. I’ve really been flowing along a spiritual path lately and it’s connected me with so many people in similar situations, so it was such a pleasure to have Zack on and discuss the nature of the spiritual journey.
DD#10- Your Most Valuable Asset w/ Jim Cummings
2021 Apr 2751m 43s
This Digestible Discussion is about entrepreneurship! The spirit that drives our society. The ability to use creativity and will power harmoniously to create wealth for your self, value for others, and the life you truly desire. This episode I had the great fortune of speaking with life long serial entrepreneur, business coach and Co-Host of the Business Tune-Up podcast Jim Cummings. This podcast is filled with nuggets of gold for anyone looking to improve their professional or business life. We dive into the entrepreneurial spirit, where it comes from, and how to prioritize aspects of your life properly to ensure your own happiness and prosperity.
DD#9- The Veil w/ Deep Blue
2021 Apr 202h 25m 12s
This Digestible Discussion is all about deprogramming. Unplugging from the matrix. Awakening if you will. My guest Deep Blue and I discuss the veil that has been pulled over our eyes since the day we were born. Once you peak outside of this veil, you begin your journey to Truth. It’s terrifying at first, and there are plenty of things that will happen to you that will make you want to dip back under that veil and pretend it was never removed. But once you’ve seen outside of it, you can’t go back. Join us as we discuss and articulate the forces that operate to ensure this veil remains intact.
DD#8- Exploring Stoicism with Conrad Jane
2021 Apr 131h 42m 25s
In this Digestible Discussion, my guest Conrad and I explore the Stoic philosophy and how it can be applied to everyone's lives. Stoicism can drastically improve your life through a new perspective on Being. We’ve been friends for over 10 years, and evolved all the way from members of the same breakdance crew into very philosophical individuals. We engage in extensive discussions all the time on philosophy, spirituality and politics. He first introduced me to Stoicism and it really resonated with me, and made me believe it can resonate with everyone.
DD#7- Navigating Rabbit Holes w/ Mr. Information and Deep Blue
2021 Apr 062h 59m 47s
In this Digestible Discussion, I sat down with two serious truthers, the more polite term for “Conspiracy Theorists” (Mr. Information is the most followed conspiracy theorist in Canada on Instagram) and we navigated as many rabbit holes we could think of while we recorded this unplanned episode. We jump from corona, to 9/11, to the pyramids, the events at the capitol and even Michelle (Michael) being a man! Buckle up and put your brain in a jar cause it's a wild one!
DD#6- A Holistic Perspective with Sandra Florio
2021 Mar 301h 1m 26s
This Digestible Discussion, my guest is my good friend Sandra Florio! She is a holistic practitioner, specializing in holistic nutrition. I finally got to air some grievances I’ve had surrounding the current global “pandemic” with an actual health expert! We also discuss how important proper nutrition is to your overall life, and how our medical system is preoccupied with symptomatic relief rather than ensuring we are healthy individuals overall, and how this leads to reliance on prescription medications. Sandra has a nutrition program that I did myself and the results were incredible. She describes what this program includes and I encourage anyone who would like substantial results in their total body health to consider doing it. It’s quite simply a formula for lifelong wellness.
DD#5- From Homeless to Home Business Part 2
2021 Mar 231h 36m 19s
After hearing my guests amazing story in part 1, part 2 we got to discuss together with the present day him. We cover a topic we discuss together privately all the time, and that is the enigma of addiction. The simultaneous simplicity and complexity of addiction is the reason we have so many conversations on the subject, and we believe the more conversation around it, the closer we can become to understanding it. We hope this can serve as support for anyone dealing with a very difficult environment. Seek help and never give up. My guest is also willing to answer any questions anyone may have, just reach out to me in any way you like and we’ll respond to you.
DD#4- From Homeless to Home Business Part 1
2021 Mar 163h 24m 12s
This Digestible Discussion, my guest requested to remain anonymous due to the nature of the stories shared in this podcast. Names of people and cities are removed as a precaution. My guest is one of my life long closest friends, and I’m honoured to have had him share his story. He grew up in poverty, experiencing physical abuse, suicidal thoughts, substance addiction, criminal activity, homelessness and eventually, triumph. It was incredible to watch him recount his entire upbringing as he had never done it before in one sitting. We hope this can serve as support for anyone dealing with a very difficult environment. Seek help and never give up. My guest is also willing to answer any questions anyone may have, just reach out to me in any way you like and we’ll respond to you.
DD#3- Derek Payne Weighs In
2021 Mar 0953m 37s
This Digestible Discussion I got to sit down with Coach and Personal Trainer Derek Payne in his brand new fitness studio. He took me through an amazing workout, which you can see following this link here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8xV3NvlKz5MoOHwqb0dlPzl8nNy0O8E9