Crack in the Sidewalk
  • ANNA
3 episodes
I talk about thoughts I've had in my lifetime that are not normally brought up in conversations (ex. the masterpiece that is tapioca pudding) and I also make fun of adults ! :)


Hell Is A Place On Earth!
2020 Oct 1323m 43s
An episode on hell and other awesome topics! Funny haha! 😂 I made this in the wee hours of the night (morning) and I am not sure why I chose to upload it to the internet, but thank you for listening.
How To Wipe?
2020 Oct 0623m 16s
Chatting about po*p from the perspective of a deranged 19 year old with no knowledge whatsoever! Anecdotal bliss. Listen if ur a #beast
Crack in the Sidewalk
2020 Oct 0530s
Hi I’m Anna and I’m #dumb
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