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Welcome to the Rambler, where we spend all our time diving deep into the world of television( and trying to figure out which of us is the bigger idiot)


S01E03-Book Two:Earth[PART ONE]
2021 May 071h 31m 19s
There may be no war in Ba Sing Se, but here at The Rambler, it's full out Armageddon! Join our hosts as they begin part 1 of their deep dive into Season 2 of Avatar the Last Airbender, along the way,  you'll bear witness to the mighty battle between a self-proclaimed genius and the most dramatic Zuko-Stan on planet Earth, a vicious conflict regarding a certain so-called freedom fighter( Jet!) and the general admiration of the genius that is Uncle Iroh and the living embodiment of John Cena's "You Can't See Me" move, Toph Beifong!
S0E01.5-Bonus Content Edition
2021 Mar 2711m 39s
We're currently working around the clock( and well college,school & pandemic limits) to try and get episode 3 out to you guys as soon as possible. This compilation of random fights, bloopers and occasional Sokka clips should however, be enough to tide you over till then.
S01E2- Book One:Water
2021 Feb 1455m 51s
In this episode, our hosts dive headfirst into season one of Avatar the Last Airbender, waxing lyrical about Suki, saying the word Um too often, trying (and failing) to recreate their favorite quotes from that time period and finally figuring out how to end an episode. They'll also be exploring & breaking down some of the most significant episodes & having the first( of many) arguements regarding the winner of the season.
S01E01- The Origin!!!
2021 Jan 3022m 31s
Here at The Rambler, we spend all our time arguing about the world of television. For our debut season, we've decided to explore the greatest animated TV show ever made(according to me at least), Avatar the Last Airbender!! In this episode, we'll not just be introducing ourselves to the world, we'll also be providing an overview of ATLA & briefly explore the characters and the creators that have made us fall in love with this show. We're excited to get started and we hope that you are as well!
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