• What's Your Name?
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What's Your name is a Podcast aiming to reconcile our original sleeves through stories, candid conversations, and acknowledgment of He who gave everything underserved Freely; Hosted by Steven Maingi. A discovery journey to What was always there filtered through Faith and Complete Truth. Listen along as he explores himself and creates a safe space for men to be themselves and appreciate their authentic Truth. Join the Tribe and let's discover our B.L.O.T (Beliefs. Listen. Observe. Be Transparent) genesis stories.


SOW E05 - Respect
2021 Jun 0621m 22s
Tell the darkness I am still here - Ijeoma Umebinyo
SOW E04 - Acceptance
2021 May 1630m 56s
The journey to learning the authentic you requires you to learn how to agree with the choices that have brought you this far and letting go of that which isn't functioning with you.
SOW E02 - Character
2021 May 0531m 59s
'Bad company corrupts good Character'; A saying most of us have heard once in our lives. The majority of the things that draw us in as humans to other humans have been personality though the character is what keeps us.  I wonder what has kept you tied to friends, relationships, family all this time? Listen In.
SOW E01 - Trust
2021 Apr 0119m 21s
What is Greater Than Love? Main a times before we are able to let people into our space we subconsciously decide whether we should trust or not. Listen in I think I am not the only one who realized this.
Genesis story
2021 Feb 2840s
Welcome, to the a Genesis Story. The beginning finally. Check us out @whatsurnamepodcast on Facebook and Instagram. Write to us on whatsurnamepodcast@gmail.com. share your story. Would love to listen to your story as well.
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