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In the kitchen with DryerBuzz we’re having so much fun that we need more time to talk about. Plus ask and answer questions. Follow #DryerBuzz Support $DryerBuzz Subscribe Youtube


Discovered Crockpot Cobbler and Now Making Homemade Enchiladas
2020 Sep 221h 1m 22s
Things heated up in the Kitchen over the summer. We were on a pandemic binge like everyone else. We discovered a quick cobbler in the crockpot. We also started making enchiladas at home. More episodes to come Tuesday’s. Catch all this and more in this episode of In the Kitchen with #DryerBuzz powered by
Bulk Buying Slow Cooking Air Frying Pandemic Kitchen
2020 Aug 1549m
What happened? A pandemic happened. Thus we’re back bulk buying, slow cooking, and air frying in the kitchen with DryerBuzz. Plus the lemonade changed. Listen and follow #DryerBuzz powered by
Bored in the Kitchen
2020 Jun 3014m 41s
No idea what to do next in the kitchen. All chicken’d out but I’m about to make chicken dip or nachos. Follow #DryerBuzz
Help! Breakfast Routine Needed
2020 Jun 1620m 40s
What’s your breakfast routine? I can’t get it together. Quarantine sleep has my quarantine kitchen all over the place. I’m eating snacks, lunch, and dinner at all hours of the day. So much so that breakfast which used to be my favorite meal has vanished. Listen and Follow #DryerBuzz kitchen on Tiktok
Cool Chill Summer Meals
2020 Jun 0521m 9s
It’s time to turn the oven off. So ready for cool chill summer meals. But for this weekend, whipped up a batch of Turkey Taco Mac with remnants of this weeks dinners. Listen and Follow #DryerBuzz Support $DryerBuzz Subscribe | Recipes on #DryerBuzzKitchen YouTube Channel
Quarantine Kitchen Gravy and Grabs
2020 May 2332m 52s
Food chain disruptions has us grabbing for groceries still. Many stores getting back to normal. Some plants and farms offering direct to consumer. Missing outdoor markets though. Meanwhile we made gravy. Mushroom gravy to be exact and it’s so good. Also a soap update. Follow #DryerBuzz Support $DryerBuzz Subscribe |
Wednesday Wings | Honey Mustard BBQ
2020 May 1444m 19s
Dinner was delicious. Honey was our main attraction. Listen to see how the sauce developed and what we paired with our wings. Plus, what do we eat a day later when there are no leftovers in the kitchen with #DryerBuzz | dk
Last Leg Chicken Soup
2020 May 0823m 41s
Wanting something light but savory, talked myself into chicken soup. All the comforts but not as heavy of a meal. Calling it last leg because all of the herbs and veggies going in are on their last leg and need to be used right away. Listen and Follow #DryerBuzz Support $DryerBuzz Subscribe #DryerBuzzKitchen
Hitting the Sauce | Tomato Basil
2020 Apr 2730m 28s
We hit the sauce hard this weekend. Started with tomato basil and then we spiked the lemonade. We made chicken and veggie Parmesan by request. Do we take it light for Monday or go with leftovers? There’s still more in the kitchen with DryerBuzz. Dk
Grateful Gravy Thankful Trimmings
2020 Apr 2519m 21s
It’s not thanksgiving but we’re thankful and grateful to make a meal for friends. Listen how it all turned out when we made smothered turkey wings with mushroom gravy, macaroni and cheese, and green beans. Follow #DryerBuzz Support $DryerBuzz Subscribe