• Mali & Nautika
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Trap Therapy is an open discussion between two transparent friends who speak about their triumphs, healing from brokenness, and the plight experiences they face in their lives with an interactive audience.


Power of Self
2021 Jun 081h 2m 17s
Do you believe there is power in your being?
Put Me On
2021 May 291h 12m 32s
Do you fear putting someone on to an opportunity that you have access to will get in the way of your success?
Love In-convience
2021 May 181h 19m 37s
Deception has become the norm of today.  Dating for clout befriending for clout. Are you chasing the life of convenient loving? Being aware of your surroundings and who keep around you takes sone discipline. Don't allow someone whose looking for a handout to force you to be disciplined about the company you keep ... what are your thoughts on convent loving
2021 Apr 231h 12m 30s
Do you feel all races are racist? Why cant America acknowledge the damage its caused on black America instead of saying that slavery happened a long time ago and we should get over it? Why do we lack opportunities in a land our ancestors built? We have been fighting for equality, for our freedom since 1619.
Body Image
2021 Apr 181h 1m 42s
" Look around tell me what you see? Do you see my body or do you see me .... ? "
Child Hood
2021 Apr 1456m 32s
The constant trauma from childhood can stunt your growth as an adult. If you refuse to not acknowledge the affect it had on you the relationships you want to flourish could possibly be destroyed if you continuously neglect the self work that needs to be done. We discuss molestation, self confidence, abuse and more ...
Disturbance of Peace
2021 Apr 1457m 29s
Your peace can be disturbed in various ways when your most vulnerable. How do you ignore negativity when you're trying to stay at peace. Sometimes you never know how you'll deal with a situation until you face it Learning to evolve from negativity and tap back into your inner peace is what we feel is necessary along with .... Comment Below Your Thoughts and Feelings, We Love Ya’ll!! ..See you back in Therapy soon🤘🏿
Hoe Phase
2021 Mar 2859m 56s
What is a Hoe? Is he a runner is she a track star ? How can you hold on to someone who would rather see you cry then be happy with them. Do you believe the Hoe phase allows you to develop self worth? Cause we gone run away when it gets hard.
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