My Life Discoveries
  • Angel Pena
4 episodes
We are, or I will talk about my life discoveries and tell them in detail


Work from Home recommendations and to keep things around you for mental clarity
2020 Jun 145m 36s
I finished working from home for a little while. But there some recommendations for working from home.
Day in my Life
2020 May 252m 39s
My life is quite short. But it's a day in the life
Working from Home
2020 May 191m 19s
Now there is COVID-19 and we're at home, right? I kinda don't like being at home and I'm a 4th grade student that now works and does Zooms at home now, too. Stay home!
2020 May 193m 35s
Procrastination has really had a big impact and also a bad habit for me to do. I don't even know why I do this habit anyway. But because I was busy with other things- PROCRASTINATION
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