• unMadeGaming
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Welcome to Hot Dice Daddies, the most scintillating tabletop adjacent podcast you've ever heard, and likely will ever hear... because it probably shouldn't exist in the first place. Join our Soft Dice Daddy Gnomedic and our Hard Dice Daddy unMadeGaming as they journey into the salacious world of dice and the people who love them.


HDD Episode 03: Anything Goes
2021 Feb 2444m 33s
Anything goes on Episode 3, and we mean anything... We let you take control and tell us exactly what you want to us to do...
HDD Episode 02: Are You Afraid Of The Dark?
2020 Nov 0122m 46s
We're back, all you beautiful weirdos... It's time for Episode 02, and and a special blend of a spooky and spicy that's gonna hit your ear tastebuds just right...
HDD Episode 01: Your First Time
2020 Oct 0521m 30s
This is the very first episode of Hot Dice Daddies and all we really have to say about it is: You're welcome... So join us on this hot breathy journey through our first time... buying dice.
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