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Welcome to the Rabid Candy podcast. At Rabid Candy, we will be taking a comedic look at ridiculous contemporary subjects with a focus on the horror, science fiction, and comic book genres of B-movies. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rabidcandypodcast/support


Episode 5 - The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension
2021 Mar 2919m 6s
A cult classic with some soon to be very famous actors who were up and comers in the early 80's. We see the exploits of Buckaroo Banzai, a surgeon, scientist, musician, adventuring crime fighter as he accidentally stumbles into an alien war after developing a method to cross over to the eighth dimension. It's as crazy as it sounds.
Episode 4 - Galaxy of Terror
2021 Mar 0315m 34s
Another Corman feature that was heavily influenced by "Alien" and even "Empire Strikes Back" to a  degree. A rescue mission turns into a fight for survival on an alien world as a mysterious figure known as the Master plays an interesting and dangerous game with an unsuspecting crew. A great movie on a tight budget. This film feature some well known talent with the likes of Robert Englund, Edward Albert, Ray Walston, and Sid Haig. This movie also mark the directorial debut of James Cameron as the second unit director and production designer.
Episode 3 - Forbidden World and Dead Space
2021 Feb 1613m 2s
Continuing our look at the work of Roger Corman, we have Forbidden World and Dead Space. These two films are an example of how B-Movies are created, recreated, and reused to save money, time, and resources. These films are not only influenced by contemporary films, they also borrow from Corman's previous films, with Dead Space actually a remake of Forbidden World. These are prime examples of how profitable movies can be made on a budget and how the influence and cost of one film can be spread out over several. These are spectacular Sci-Fi space adventures and pure cinematic fun.
Episode 2 - Battle Beyond the Stars
2021 Jan 2514m 2s
We at Rabid Candy celebrate the B-movie industry and its cultural impact. The master of B-movies, Roger Corman, gives us the cult classic, "Battle Beyond the Stars". Corman shows us first hand how an incredible B-movie is created. Taking influence from such movies as "Star Wars" and "The Magnificent Seven", he shows how to recombine ideas to create a truly unique and fun film.  He then, in turn, shows us how that film and soundtrack can be repackaged over and over in different projects that have nothing to do with one another. This gives us an endless supply of entertaining and money making movies on a shoe string budget. Corman's influence on the movie industry has been profound; with an impressive list of actors and movie makers working their way up the ladder or easing their way down. Corman made excellent use of all the talent they had to offer. Sit back and enjoy.
Episode 1 - Introduction and Starcrash
2021 Jan 1114m 50s
This episode introduces Rabid Candy podcasts. This podcast tackles ridiculous contemporary issues and  illustrates the contribution that the various genres of B-movies have had in our entertainment history. The first example given is with cult classic, "Starcrash". This movie's story bears some interesting resemblance to Star Wars and demonstrates how high dollar films shape the creation of some incredibly entertaining B-movie classics.
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