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12 episodes
A network of podcasts created by filmmaker Andrew Dorward. Including: The Bill Bey Biography Podcast and First impressions of Woody Allen.


First Impressions of Woody Allen: Radio Days
2017 Sep 2836m 33s
We reminisce over radio! Andrew and Ryan talk about Woody's love affair with the analog medium of the past, and where the future of radio is headed. Enjoy yourself.
First Impressions of Woody Allen: Mighty Aphrodite
2017 Sep 2330m 40s
"Mighty Aphrodite" - Woody Allen surprise guest spot!?!? Just joking. But on this week's episode, Andrew and Ryan aren't kidding around about the tragically funny, Mighty Aphrodite!
First Impressions of Woody Allen: Zelig
2017 Sep 2331m 8s
"Zelig" - Ryan and Andrew tackle the many shapes and shades of the 1983 mockumentary, Zelig!
First Impressions of Woody Allen: Annie Hall
2017 Sep 1428m 6s
"Annie Hall" - Andrew and Ryan discuss what makes Annie Hall so great. Listen as we get into what we like and hate about Allen's character in the film, the innovative style the story is shaped with, and Andrew's belief that it is better to have loved and loss, than never...gross, just get into it.
The Bill Bey Biography Podcast: Latter Days
2017 Aug 2459m 36s
Chapter 8 - "We live ten different lives." Bill and I discuss how he's managed life after Merrill Lynch, the retirement years. From juggling two homes, eight different lives with his kids, and pinching the cheeks of 23 grandchildren, it's safe to say Bill, along with his wife Barbara, have stayed busy in the past two decades. Join us on the season finale of the show, one final game of pinochle.
The Bill Bey Biography Podcast: Have A Talk With God
2017 Aug 2458m 5s
Chapter 7 - In this chapter, Bill and I have a talk about God. Is heaven real? Does limbo really exist? I ate meat on a Friday, am I going to hell? We get into all those burning questions, (aside from that last one) and more, on The Bill Bey Biography!
The Bill Bey Biography Podcast: Play Ball!
2017 Aug 181h 7m 56s
Chapter 6 - The crack of the bat. Pigskins flying overhead. Break out the crackerjack folks, it's time to play ball! In this sports-themed episode, Bill relives the days of dodging ushers to keep foul balls, watching the Bears play at Wrigley Field, and listening to a quarter of a Super Bowl in the men's restroom. You don't want to miss it!
The Bill Bey Biography Podcast: The Business
2017 Aug 151h 9m 9s
Chapter 5 - "If you want to boost your self-confidence when speaking to clients, take your glasses off." Bill reveals the tricks of the trade as he chronicles his venture into becoming a Certified Public Accountant, his brief stint and huge payoff as Treasurer for a mortgage company, and finally his rise to power as a master stockbroker. Join us, on The Business.
The Bill Bey Biography Podcast: The Travel Bug
2017 Aug 101h 27m 9s
Chapter 4 - Pack your bags; on this one, you're in for a trip! Bill takes us around the world to the many parts of the globe he's trekked to. From the Middle East, to Moscow, even all the way to Fiji, Bill (and Barbara as fact-checker) recounts his excursions of the past and present day. So buckle up, and make sure to send a postcard to momma!
The Bill Bey Biography Podcast: Meeting Barbara
2017 Aug 0847m 18s
Chapter 3 - In this romantic episode of the podcast, Bill is joined by his partner of 50 plus years, Barbara. They recall their first dates, tying the knot, and loving (surviving)their eight kids. Enjoy the always entertaining dynamic of this happy couple. "You're right, Barbara!"