Conscious Conversations
  • By Mel Gabbi and Danielle Brown
7 episodes
This episode starts with a short meditation to help us move into more relaxed space and state as we begin to explore some of what it means to be human, what interferes in feeling good and some steps we can take to increase wellbeing and happiness.


Conscious Conversations -Episode 11 New Moon -Stress and Recovery. Internal and external influences
2021 May 311h 42m 3s
Tonight Mel and Danielle look at stress , its impact, the kind of things that cause it, different types and some of what helps to manage or dissipate it. We also explore the various internal and external factors that influence us and what to be further aware of as with anything the more we are aware of who we are, how we navigate life and tools to do so we are able to become more empowered happier and more satisfied, leveraging more choice. This is part one of a three part series on stress . IN the next episode we will look at more ways to change your life so that you reduce the levels of stress and aid longer term recovery especially i you have experienced chronic stress for a long time.
CC-Episode 1 -Letting Go- Exploring the past present and future .
2021 May 201h 43m 2s
Sometimes in life we make conscious changes, sometimes change just happens . Danielle and Mel explore what this can mean for people. How change can occur and sometimes how we need to learn about letting go. But what does this mean ? what does it involve? what might we notice? what opportunities does it bring if we start to let go even if we find ourselves with no real idea of what next. How do we move from the past and create a desired future . If there ever was a time to be looking at whats changed and changing is now. As we begin to notice how various external and internal changes have occurred what can this mean for us as individuals but also as a collective. Danielle and Mel explore the various ways of looking at this, what can get in the way of moving forward and how sometimes we have to really dive in deep and examine who we think we are .
CC -Episode 3 - Are You A Sensitive Person Or Empath? How Do You Create A Better feeling State?
2021 May 071h 8m 53s
Mel and Danielle explore how everyone can have different experiences with different people and why. They look at terminology used in spiritual and psychology circles such as victimhood, sensitive people, empaths, and  non empathic to highly empathic continuum and how different practices and processes can be utilised to manage in these interactions and after. By developing self awareness and motioning our experiences we can start to feel more empowered (not a victim to circumstances). The common human states, ways of behaving and managing ones own unacceptable parts are also explored and how these interactions keep us locked in unhealthy patterns. here we start to explore how you can free yourself and create states that feel better and lead you to a life that you desire. We Finish with a cord cutting meditation . You can access a separate meditation on the episodes page .
CC - Meditation 1 - Grounding - White Light Grounding Meditation
2021 May 066m 17s
Danielle sets the scene by helping us get into a grounded calm and open space. This meditation can be used as a grounding and protection meditation any time you need it .
CC -Meditation- 3 - Cord Cutting
2021 May 0618m 9s
Mel and Danielle deliver a meditation on cord cutting and explore the different ways it can be used
CC- Episode 5-manisfesting and guided meditations
2021 Apr 301h 37m 22s
Tonight Mel and Danielle talk about the power of the moon and the kind of things that can be done to bring forward what you desire in life but also what can stop this process.
CC-Episode 7- Steps To Change And Transformation Part One
2021 Apr 221h 21m 10s
Mel and Danielle welcome you to podcasts that incorporate self-development-psychology-spirituality-yogic and other philosophical traditions. This episode starts with a short meditation to enable us to get into a more relaxed space . A space that is conducive to reflecting on life and what it means to be human, especially in this past year.  Danielle and Mel explore the kind of things that help us create a space and a way of being that feels good, a day we like, love and what works. Also we look at what gets in the way of feeling good and how past issues can lead people to feel depressed, anxious, worried and how with, with making small steps, someone can begin to come out of these states and progress towards more positive ways of feeling and being .Both Mel and Danielle explore how, through there own past experiences, in their personal and professional lives and through gathering research, were able to figure out what helped and hindered them. They explore how they were able to create new habits and routines that supported them in daily life- thus reducing bouts of depression , anxiety and stress , that also impacted the physical body, their relationships and work. Setting the intention towards brighter sunnier days. This episode also looks as the various levels of impact the pandemic has had on people and the opportunity it might present .  About Mel and Danielle-Mel has worked in the field of mental health for over 20 years. She started out as a therapist working with children, adults and professionals. She was trained as a Person Centred Existential therapist then went on to train in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching, Reiki, Quantum Touch Healing, then more recently as a Yoga Teacher.   She has worked with hundreds of young people, adults and professionals. She also pursues her spiritual interests that were re ignited after in 2011 after feeling the calling once again. She blends all these approaches in all she does. She now works freelance as a mental health and wellbeing consultant , and yoga and meditation teacher. Danielle is a spiritual warrior bringing her love of the spiritual realm to life by helping her clients develop a better understanding of themselves while helping them develop tools to not only manage a complex world but move from surviving to thriving. She has helped many clients move through spiritual emergence , crisis ,relationship and parenting issues  Danielle's passion and skills harness the spiritual world grounding this in everyday reality to enable people to use simple tools to bring about desired changes .
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