The zoom fatigue environment
  • Juan
7 episodes
I will be discussing the zoom experience throughout my college life. Especially in this pandemic that we are living in.


Animal foster event
2021 Apr 281m 31s
We are looking for homes for these beautiful creatures. Dogs and cats are in need to find a new home to seek love, compassion, and refuge.
Using the touchscreen mode on a Windows computer as a blind user
2021 Apr 2816m 20s
I will be giving a sense of how is it to navigate a touchscreen enable device. And this is with a screen reader that is utilized by so many blind people.
Zoom/tech issues in a blind person’s perspective
2021 Apr 2117m 40s
I give an overview of how I cope with problems when it comes to the tech world as a blind person.
Gratitude towards APU Zu News Staff
2021 Apr 2014m 25s
Being grateful with the school news room. It has been a pleasure to work alongside with my News staff.
Sammies Friends
2021 Apr 161m 13s
Looking Foster homes for animals!
The zoom fatigue environment
2021 Mar 0214m 23s
I will be discussing the challenges of being on zoom a lot throughout my college experience. Especially when it comes to this time of the pandemic.
how does assistive technology work for blind people?
2021 Feb 2223m 17s
I will be going through the specifications of assistive technology. I will demonstrate how we blind people navigate our tech gadgets.
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