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Solve the internet's third funniest mystery: "Who are Mike & John?"


Episode 10: Hello Cleveland!
2018 Feb 1331m 2s
In which John expresses frustration with the listeners (or lack thereof), which Mike later uses as an excuse to do something big and dramatic. Also, Mike & John become Rhett & Murray from the Old 97's, but with less success.
Episode 09: Creature Corner
2018 Feb 1330m 41s
In which Mike & John celebrate the animal kingdom, share top parenting tips, and take down Harvard. Also, DON'T LOOK IN THE TRASHCAN!
Episode 08: The Spanish Inquisition
2018 Feb 1129m 14s
In which Mike & John reminisce via Skynet telephone service with their old friend-slash-brother-in-law Aaron The Actor who lives in Spain but speaks in English. Happy Yeaster everyone!
Episode 07: Tales From The Ampitheatre
2018 Feb 1024m 36s
In which Mike & John share some bad company, along with some soul-shattering stories from several Summer shed shows. It's 90s rock concert stories, folks. But with more "S" words in the description. Also, there's not enough microphones.
Episode 06: Celebrity! Guest!! Mary Lynn Rajskub!!!
2018 Feb 0927m 57s
In which the audience's mind is blown by the arrival of Mike & John's first celebrity guest, Mary Lynn Rajskub. Mary Lynn graciously endures questions about her acclaimed work as Claire the Operator on "48 Hours" (starring Tom Keifer from Cinderella), while also humoring Mike & John as they talk about the glory days of the 90s alternative comedy scene. Also, there's a fort.
Episode 05: No Funny Business
2018 Feb 0832m 51s
In which Mike justifies his persistent use of thumbs down in public, John reveals a terrible high school secret, and the ultimate Prince & "Weird" Al Yankovic collaboration is discovered. Also, there's some he-he'ing around.
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