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Blockchain Australia Deputy Chair and ETT Founder Karen Cohen Ep.29
2021 Jun 1834m 20s
Karen Cohen is the Deputy Chair for Blockchain Australia and is also the founder of Emerging Tech Talent, an Australian HR company specialising in finding HR solutions for businesses in the Emerging Technology sector.
Bitstamp CEO Julian Sawyer Ep.28
2021 Jun 1533m 39s
Julian Sawyer is the CEO of Bitstamp, the world's oldest crypto exchange.
AgriDigital Co Founder & CEO Emma Weston Ep.27
2021 Jun 1136m 45s
Emma Weston is a Co-Founder and CEO of AgriDigital, Australia's fastest growing agricultural supply chain innovator.
CoinJar Head of Partnerships Jordan Michaelides Ep. 26
2021 Jun 0938m 12s
Jordan Michaelides is the Head of Partnerships at CoinJar, Australia's longest serving crypto exchange.
The Crypto Den founder Dave Haslop Ep. 25
2021 Jun 0436m 33s
Dave Haslop is the founder of The Crypto Den, one of Australia's largest crypto FaceBook communities which boasts over 50,000 members to date.
Supply Chain Disruption with Phil Talbot Ep 24
2021 Jun 0337m 4s
Phil Talbot is the founder and CEO of Authentium, a supply chain technology project built on the Algorand blockchain and supported by the Algorand foundation.
Crypto Wars - Faked Deaths, Missing Billions & Industry Disruption Author Erica Stanford ep.23
2021 May 3153m 21s
Erica Stanford is the founder of Crypto Curry Club; a popular and well established UK based crypto meet up group. Erica has also recently written and published a book about Scams in Crypto called 'Crypto Wars; Faked Deaths, Missing Billions & Industry Disruption'.
Monochrome CEO and Founder Jeff Yew Ep.22
2021 May 2437m 33s
Jeff Yew is the former CEO of Binance Australia and the current CEO and founder of Monochrome Asset Management, an Australian based digital asset management fund providing exposure to Bitcoin for wholesale investors! Jeff and I chat about his time spent as the CEO of Binance Australia and how that led him down the path to creating his own digital fund. We also speak about Elon's recent Bitcoin energy FUD and Jeff describes the Bitcoin mining process! If you enjoy the episode don't forget to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE to the channel :)
John B Will Ep.21
2021 May 201h 4m 19s
John Will is a highly accomplished martial arts instructor and is part of the legendary group of people known as The Dirty Dozen; the first 12 non Brazilian practitioners of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to receive their Black Belts.
Get Paid In Bitcoin Co-Founder Adam Poulton Ep.20
2021 May 1942m 46s
Adam Poulton is the co-founder of Australian company Get Paid In Bitcoin. Founded in 2013, GPIB allows everyday Australian's easy exposure to Bitcoin through their employers existing payroll system.