Crossing Bridges with Heidi
  • Heidi Sanders
3 episodes
Hi! My name is Heidi Denise and I have created the Crossing Bridges podcast to talk just about ANY and EVERYThING. I hope to inspire or help anyone living with debilitating anxiety and fear. I have suffered from anxiety and panic for over 12 years. I will be candidly sharing with you my personal experiences (some will make you cry and some laughing out loud)and what works/worked and what hasn’t worked for me two times a week. I am by no means a licensed therapist, counselor or even an “authority” on the matter. I hope this brings you support a smile and encouragement!💜 Be good to yourself.


Episode 4- Vivid imagination
2021 May 1817m 52s
What picture do our minds paint when an anxiety/ panic attack pay us a visit? In this episode, I am taking you for a ride in my time travel mobile to the late 80’s/early 90’s on a road trip with my Father experiencing one of my first panic attacks. Wear your seatbelt and let’s head out! Weather is nice and the ride...well it’s unpredictable!🚙
Don’t Panic!😩 Interview with Brian
2021 May 0919m 9s
If you have ever panicked once in your life, you have to hear the story when I thought my daughter was abducted! Not once but twice. It seems funny but it was a nightmare. I invite you to live this nightmare with me as I publicly embarrass myself for the sake of helping others. My husband dishes all the dirt living with someone with panic. It’s tough on everybody! Thank you for joining me on my journey. I’d love to hear your feedback, questions and comments via DM on my IG @crossing_bridgeshd or email me at
Episode 2-It’s Raining it’s Pouring Anxiety is Snoring
2021 May 0329m 15s
The Negative Stigmas related to Anxiety
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