• Terry Phillips
7 episodes
Veteran journalist Terry Phillips comments.


Term Limits
2021 Apr 093m 39s
How long is too long to stay in office? Veteran journalist Terry Phillips examines the current law and possible options for limiting lifelong political careers.
Citizenship - Part 3
2021 Apr 093m 45s
Could you pass a citizenship test? Journalist Terry Phillips gives you a chance to find out.
Citizenship - Part 2
2021 Apr 093m 28s
Not all citizens are created equal. Journalist Terry Phillips wonders why we treat naturalized Americans differently than those who were born in the United States.
Citizenship - Part 1
2021 Apr 093m 22s
Who is a citizen? In this first of three episodes, journalist Terry Phillips looks at the history and practice of democratic rights around the world -- including the right to vote.
Death Penalty
2021 Apr 094m
Why is the United States still the only "civilized country" with capital punishment? Veteran journalist offers this view.
Free Press
2021 Apr 093m 35s
Why are we still censoring journalists? Veteran news reporter Terry Phillips has this analysis.
2021 Apr 093m 20s
What can we do about the epidemic of death due to firearms abuse in America? Veteran war correspondent Terry Phillips offers his perspective on the issue.
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