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This podcast is a few dudes from the 201 getting together and hanging out . Featuring Patrick Skvm , Luc Bags and Dee Rotten.


Ep. 04: Lef-T (A New Hope)
2021 Apr 211h 54m 57s
And our guest today is an artist out of Weehawkin , NJ. We get into detail about how he started in his journey to where he is now, and we chop it up a bit about boxing , wwe , and music in general. Now here he is Jerseys own Lef-T on Hudson County Skvm Talk. Jerseys own Lef - T
Ep. 03: Darren Deicide (The Man in the Black Hat)
2021 Apr 211h 28m 6s
What happens when 3 Hudson County scum bags get together over beer, hit record on a video camera, and decide to discuss the world? Well, you get these ingredients: the raising standards of beer, the origins of "Deicide", leaving Chicago, New Jersey assholes, the rise of Jersey City, Hokum Productions, McGinley Square Pub, White Eagle Hall, house shows, Psilocybe, Love Underwater, Bible Gun, fidget spinners, punk rock, iPhones, mix tapes, shows before YouTube, the Fox 5 News incident, Punk Island, Webster Hall, Otto's Shrunken Head, the gentrification of Manhattan, CBGB's, St. Marks Place, Coney Island High, Pearl Studios, Meatlocker, starting scenes, The Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery, Cory Booker, cannabis legalization, Uncle Joe's, Dancing Tony, necromancy, Darren and Ethel, swing dancing, Warped Tour and The Dickies incident, "safe spaces", iconoclasm, censorship, fucking mothers, free speech, social media, Robert Johnson, Chuck Berry, OJ Simpson, musical influences, QXT's (Official), Muddy Roots Music Festival, Darren Deicide - The Blues Non Est Mortuum in America tour, The Hokum! Productions Launch Party, and all sprinkled with a generous portion of Satan.
Ep. 02: Johnny Riffs (Former Lead Guitarist For Dark Matter)
2021 Apr 2147m 17s
This is our second episode featuring Johnny Riffs a Hudson County Lead Guitarist ,and more on The Juice is Loose.
Ep. 01: Luc William (from Mamaluke and Hudson County Skvmbags)
2021 Apr 2154m 7s
This is the first Episode featuring Luc guitarist and vocalist for Mamaluke and Hudson County Skvmbags and we also discuss news and other topics .You can find us on iTunes
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