• Christian
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Welcome to my podcast: My Nothing Box! A spontenous styled podcast about ideas I have over the course of the week. I am a creative writer so my ideas are written in my journal that I will put in audio form here!


My Nothing Box - Episode 4
2020 Sep 2224m 39s
Hello everyone! Welcome back! Today's episode is on Nintendo's hit new game: Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Such a good game...yet so unfinished. Like my new logo? Good! Check out the awesome Aleah Brown! Her Website, Instagram, and Twitter.
My Nothing Box - Episode 3
2020 Sep 0223m 4s
That's right! There is music now! This week's epsiode is on the new indie cult classic - Takeshi and Hiroshi. THIS GAME IS SO CUTE!!!!
My Nothing Box - Episode 2
2020 Aug 1933m 53s
It's time to d-d-duel!! Wait...wrong season! Today we explore Christian's relationship with the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise and the series he thinks is the best: ZEXAL! In this episode, we dive into the plot, theme, and characters in a clear and concise way to articulate why he feels ZEXAL is his favorite. We are halfway to forever now!
My Nothing Box - Episode 1
2020 Aug 1431m 47s
Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Podcast that I call "My Nothing Box". So, My Nothing Box will be a spontaneous-styled podcast where I will talk for a while about ideas that I have over the week. This week, I gush about my love for Hollow Knight and the Dark Souls series. I focus mainly on the mistque of the bosses in the internet culture and how I think some bosses could work in the worlds of other series. "Through dream I travel, at lantern's call To consume the flames of a kingdom's fall" - Grimm.
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