• Christopher Langsdorf
11 episodes
Covering all things in pop culture and somehow remaining incredibly humble considering how attractive we all are


XBox Won E3 Sort Of! (2021)
2021 Jun 1525m 59s
The 3 Amigos ramble on about Xbox suddenly caring about exclusives again. Also does anyone have any idea what Starfield is about?
Nintendo E3 Predictions! (2021)
2021 Jun 0317m 51s
The 3 Amigos blabber on about what nintendo has planned for this years E3! Will the Switch Pro finally be revealed? Is Bayonetta 3 real?? Did you remember to turn off the stove when you left your apartment?? Jk i know you're a big baller who probably owns some dope ass mansion in the hills. Mad respect yo. Actually can you lend me like 5k? I'm behind on a couple payments.
Amiibos: Nintendo Enjoys Ripping Off Their Fans
2021 May 2626m 18s
The 3 Amiigos rip into Nintendo for locking a quality of life enhancement for the Zelda Skyward Sword Remaster, behind an amiibo.
Please Stop Making Venom Movies
2021 May 1421m 10s
The 3 Amigos discuss the recently released trailer for Venom: Let there be carnage. And mostly beg for Sony to stop making Venom movies
Way Too Early Predictions: The Switch Pro | EP 7
2021 Apr 1225m 55s
The 3 Amigos discuss the rumors of a new Nintendo switch coming later this year and what they hope to see from it! It's gotta be called the Super Nintendo Switch right??
The New Suicide Squad Movie Looks...Sort of Good? | Ep 6
2021 Apr 0913m 25s
WB released the first trailer for The Suicide Squad and The 3 Amigos discuss whether or not it'll probably be awful if WB doesn't keep their grubby little hands off of it. Also Pete Davidson is probably gonna get blown up first right?
Microsoft Buys Bethesda And Finally Has Exclusives! | EP 5
2021 Apr 0535m 40s
The Three Amigos discuss the fallout and potential impact of Microsoft buying Bethesda. And probably discuss other stuff too idk it's a long episode
Can Black Panther Save The Avengers Game?
2021 Mar 2515m 55s
The Three Amigos discuss whether or not Marvel's Avengers will survive long enough for Black Panther to potentially bring back the player base.
WIll Falcon and the Winter Soldier Suck?
2021 Mar 2012m 19s
The Three Amigos make some predictions for the new Falcon and the Winter Soldier series on Disney Plus! Will Captain America show up? Will Goku be able to defeat Frieza? Will Ash and Pikachu succeed in finding the Anti-Life equation?
Was WandaVision Sort of Just Ok?
2021 Mar 1619m 22s
The Three Amigos provide some pretty offensive hot takes for the WandaVision Series! Certainly some spicy takes at the very least.