Brick and Blueprint: The Foundations of Interior Design
  • Lowri Covello
2 episodes
Discover Design, An Aspect at a Time. Each week, my regular contributor, George, and I will discuss one element of interior design with our guests; the fundamentals, background knowledge, trends, our (often very) candid opinions and recommendations. Whether you are within the field of design or just want to learn more, come along for a Sunday afternoon chat with us, talking interiors over coffee and George’s homemade cake. Follow along with my Instagram page: BrickandBlueprint to view the designs referenced in the show.


Brick and Blueprint: A Podcast on the Foundations of Interior Design
2020 May 1831s
‘Discover design, an aspect at a time’. Each week, my guests and I will discuss one element of interior design: the theory and trends, along with our opinions and recommendations. Grab a coffee and put your feet up (be it on your Eames, Victorian chaise lounge or secondhand student sofa), and sit back for our casual and upbeat series.
The Wallpaper Series
2020 May 1836m 9s
This week, for our premiere episode, George and I are joined by James and Trevor to detail and discuss wallpaper. Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in the last couple of years, with maximalism and intricacy of the artwork being at the forefront of leading designs. Join us for, what turned out to be, the contentious issue of wallpaper, along with segments like Brick and Butter and What’s Under Your (shag) Carpet.
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