• Sayan Chakraborty
6 episodes
This podcast brings light to those aspects in people's life, where they fall, learn and toil day and night to keep marching ahead. This is the podcast, where the feelings from heart are in their truest form, where we talk about the setbacks and hurdles in life, to stage of recovery from them, and how people made it till where they are. This is Dile Bole Og.


Appreciating life with Sayon
2021 May 2559m 23s
This is where Sayon and I talk about his life experiences and fun stories about his studying abroad and how he manages time. With a wholesome conversation about how his family made it till where they are and all the struggles in it. Understanding the importance of family,
It's funny how life can change with Krtin
2021 May 2037m 30s
This is where Krtin, my musical guest dive into a melodious conversation and find our way though life during this pandemic. We talk about it all, from finding inner talent to utilising the same to bring out the best of ourselves to motivate people around us.
Trusting the Process with Kanishka
2021 May 1634m 48s
This is where Kanishka and I dive into the world of content creation and how everything is closely and tightly linked to our life. This is that wholesome conversation that will help you feel one with yourself. Step into the world of this episode!
Making Mistakes with Caslynn
2021 May 1331m 17s
This episode is where we discuss the experience of how a teenager finds interest in investing, and understanding the stock market and why it is essential for you to get into the same if you have not already.
Being Infinite with Dhumal
2021 May 0934m
This is where Sarvesh Dhumal and I dive into a meaningful conversation, understanding a teenagers attempt on photography and how life is, handling internships and making wiser choices as we learn from certain setbacks, and most importantly valuing people in life.
To begin, Begin.
2021 May 023m 13s
This is where I talk about the beginning and what is it all about. This is the trailer episode for Dil Bole Og. Being grateful for everyone who has supported all along.
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