Stressed to the Max
  • Edward and Ingrid
11 episodes
A 20 minute biweekly podcast that focuses on stress and mental health with the help of humor, compassion, motivation, positivity, & personal stories. From active discussions regarding coping with stress at home, parenting issues, relationship problems, work stress, to dealing with issues arising out of the Pandemic.The podcast was created to explore and find ways to combat the dangers of stress. At first we may find some strategies that have been employed by many counsellors and psychotherapists. But as we get to understand mental illness, and stress firsthand from stories told by those affected, we hope to gain new knowledge of some innovative ways to deal with stress. Through light and easy to understand episodes, we seek to show that stress is the root cause of a lot of the mental health issues out there. Throw in some genetics, and social-economical variables and we end up with the final by-product of mental illness. Join us each episode as we look at different faces of stress and mental illness, as we jump head first into the world of stressed out mayhem!Edward and Ingrid host this show that provides insight into mental health and how it now has become such an integral part of everyone's day to day life. We want your personal stories regarding how you are coping with stress and mental health issues. Email us at and share those stories with us. We'll use parts of it in future podcasts.This podcast was created by two healthcare providers that have years of experience dealing with counselling, and the treatment of mental illness. The Stressed out to the Max Podcast will have more of a humorous and lighter view of stress and mental health.


Inspiration Meditation: Achieving your Goals and Dreams
2021 Apr 1912m 17s
WARNING:  This is a powerful meditation and will cause drowsiness and relax you fully.   You may fall asleep while listening to it.   Ingrid wrote this special Meditation about Inspiration to help you relax your muscles fully and to help you concentrate on goal setting and achieving your goals.   The meditation is so powerful that as I was recording it, I actually fell asleep, and you can hear me snoring in parts of the podcast.  That's why we recommend you avoid listening to this while driving or using heavy machinery. This  meditation is good for helping you relax before going to sleep, when you are feeling extremely stressed out, or when you want to relax and set goals and help lead yourself into  positive thinking.  Positive thinking will help you achieve your goals and dreams.  Within the Meditation, Ingrid asks you to think about an intention or goal you wish to accomplish.  This goal can be anything you wish to work for.   i.e.: relax more, spend more time with family, help potty train your child, get back to the physical and mental health you deserve, etc...
The World According To Harry Potter 1
2021 Apr 185m 50s
A fun idea for a podcast. Where we read through Harry Potter and then discuss how the reading applies to life in general.  We may continue this as a side project to this podcast, or if the response is very positive make it into its own podcast. Either way we are looking at how to make giving stress free living counselling in a more fun and entertaining manner.  May the magic and wonder of Harry Potter fill those voids of darkness we sometimes share.
Funny Raw Audio from our Technical Setup for the Live Shows
2021 Apr 124m 7s
Laughter is the best medicine a wise man once said. So this is just us having fun setting up the system for live shows that will be broadcast To see the lives shows, you go to When there click the live shows.  Click " Scheduled shows."  Then look for our Stressed to the max Logo.  It will be on page one or two depending on how close to the live show start time .  If the live show has already started, then just look for us under the live shows playing currently.Have fun listening and remember sometimes in life you have to laugh at yourself.Another way to see is copy the link below and go there.
Meditation Time: Heart Coherence Meditation
2021 Apr 118m 23s
We started a new feature in our podcast series: Meditation Time.  Each of these episodes will discuss a new type of Meditation, and then Ingrid will lead the listener through a guided meditation.   Meditation is a great way to relax, and help destress.   We will be looking at many different types of meditation, and in this case we give credit to Dr. Joe Dispenza who featured this type of meditation in his book "Becoming Supernatural".   Heart Coherence Meditation is based on locating our heart center, and then doing breathing exercises as slow as you can, while concentrating on our heart.  Ingrid will discuss it in more detail during this podcast.  Thanks again for joining us.  And please do send us your stories, or what you find works for you to deal with stress.  Our email is
Motivation: How to improve it so we can battle stress better.
2021 Apr 1015m 32s
Struggling with low motivation.  Trouble getting out of bed?  Procrastinating on your homework or work project.  Feel too lazy to get the mail and open it.   Letting the dishes pile up in the sink?  Loads of clothes to wash, but wear is that motivation?  Motivation is key to a happier life, where we can deal with stress more effectively.  We know that stress is unavoidable, but if we don't have motivation, how do we start that walking program or journal writing each day to help get us better?  Good Motivation is the key foundation brick that we need to work on to start getting better, and to make our life feel more stress-free. In this episode we discuss the importance of motivation, and go over 6 key  strategies that we will incorporate into our stress-management program.We love to hear from you about your challenges with motivation.  Please write to us at
Walking Guided Meditation (no echo)
2021 Apr 069m 33s
This is basically the same episode as number 5, but in this one we took out the echo to make the words easier to understand.  The one with the echo helps one get more relaxed, but it depends on which type you prefer.  If you can like the one you like better, we will just make it one version.  Both versions are also included on the YouTube channel: CovidLife Podcast (Dr. Dispenza's book Becoming Supernatural contains more information regarding this type of meditation)
Walking Guided Meditation
2021 Apr 0610m 20s
Ingrid guides us through a guided walking meditation. This meditation is based on Dr. Joe Dispenza's book "Becoming Supernatural".  Its best practiced outside in nature. But it can also be done at home.  You start standing with your eyes closed, and then listen to Ingrid's instructions on how to proceed.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask us by email us at
Walking, Pedometers, Motivation, Nature's Best Stress Buster.
2021 Apr 0620m 24s
In our ongoing series, on helping to fight stress, we add a walking program that includes the use of a Pedometer to help motivate us.  We also introduce our new podcast email, so you can email us stories about how you are dealing with stress, and covid, and mental illness.  The first 5 listeners to email us will get a free Journal or Pedometer.   Walking outdoors is Nature's Best Stress Buster, and in this episode we discuss why that is, and ways to use walking as another tool to fight against the daily stress in our lives.
Guided Meditation with an Intent
2021 Apr 0217m 16s
We explore briefly meditation and the types of meditation that exist.  Then Ingrid discusses in detail an intent focused Meditation that is featured in Dr. Joe Dispenza's book "Becoming Supernatural." The episode ends with a guided session of Meditation, that involves setting out a goal or intent, visualizing it as completed, and then following it with the meditation that is taught in this video. In the future, other forms of meditation will be discussed. If you wish to know more about Dr. Dispenza, or quantum types of meditation, please let us know.  Our email now is Our new youtube channel is called Covidlife Podcast The Mental Health Edition.  We'll add the new youtube channel to our podcast website and the podcast social settings.
Sleep, Insomnia, and Covid. How to make our sleep better.
2021 Apr 0220m 49s
In this episode we explore the importance of sleep, and how poor sleep and insomnia have a negative impact on our physical health and mental health.  We explore techniques to improve our sleep from herbal tea, to listening to white noise.  We also explore a method that might help us worry less about problems at bedtime.