A Modern Day Family
  • Sherma Perkins
4 episodes
A modern-day family just a place where we can be yourself in today's society. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sherma-perkins/support


Part 2 "group date"
2019 Jul 173m 28s
This is just an update for when my daughter went on a group date
My 15-year-old daughter wants to go on a group date help!
2019 Jul 133m 33s
My fifteen-year-old daughter recently came to me to ask if she can go on a group date and I immediately froze unable to answer her. I need advice
It's totally okay not to be a Superwoman all the time!
2019 Jul 017m 26s
Whew, ladies do you feel overwhelmed by the demands of being a woman I do ✋ and then to throw in being a wife, sister, daughter, n friends among the many roles it can sometimes be too much. How does one cope with wearing many hats?
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