From Boots to the Boardroom
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The Catalyst Program "From Boots to the Boardroom" Podcast is all about teaching veterans how to successfully translate their wealth of skills learned in the military into something businesses can find value in. We see a strategic value in getting more veterans into big league board rooms across the globe.


Episode 006: Interview with Army Veteran and SMU Veteran Representative Robert Hurst
2021 Jun 0757m 27s
In this episode, we interview former Army Intelligence Robert Hurst, who is currently the Veteran Representative at Southern Methodist University. We talk about his motivations for joining the military, how he found himself as the veteran representative at the prestigious Southern Methodist University, as well as what the most valuable skills he picked up from the intelligence line of work. For more information, go to:  www.thecatalystprogram.orgInterested in joining our upcoming Cohort? Want to contact Robert about SMU? Email him at:
Episode 005: Interview with Air Force veteran and Operations VP Dan Halverstadt
2021 Jun 0546m 9s
In this episode, we interview former Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Dan Halverstadt, who is also an instructor for the Catalyst Program. We talk about his experiences in joining the Air Force, the lessons learned translating his skills, and what it's like walking into a corporate board room for the first time coming from a veteran background. For more information, go to:   Interested in joining our upcoming Cohort?
Episode 004: Interview with Jacob Echols - Catalyst Team Member and Graduate
2021 May 111h 23m 7s
In this episode, we interview former Air Force TACP Jacob Echols, who is a former Catalyst Program graduate and Business Development Lead for The Catalyst Program. We discuss his experiences of his life in the military calling in air strikes, the differences between Afghanistan and Iraq, and his successes in transitioning out of the military. For more information, go to:    Interested in joining our upcoming Cohort?
Episode 003: Interview with Blake Miles - Catalyst Director of Education
2021 Apr 261h 9m 57s
In this episode, we interview former Special Forces (Green Beret) Blake Miles, who is the current Director of Education for The Catalyst Program.
Episode 002: Interview with Catalyst Graduate Will Larimer
2021 Apr 1344m 14s
In this episode we have a chat with former Marine and Catalyst graduate, Will Larimer. He tells us about his experiences of joining and serving in the Marine Corps and what life was like after separating into the civilian world and later how things had changed after his experience going through The Catalyst Program cohort.
Episode 001: Laying the Foundation
2021 Mar 2944m 54s
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