Wards of Wrestling
  • JesseREKZ & ThunderBunny
5 episodes
Two brothers that are life long fans share their passion for the sport of professional wrestling. https://twitter.com/WardsofW https://www.instagram.com/wardsofwrestling/


2020 Dec 0641m 44s
We discuss our picks and predictions for wargames.
12.2 TLC is starting to shape up
2020 Dec 0548m 16s
Get caught up on the changing landscape as WWE works it way to TLC
11.25 Survivor series fall out
2020 Nov 2658m 18s
We discuss the aftermath of Survivor Series, then start preparations for WARGAMES!!
Survivor Series picks and perdictions
2020 Nov 2034m 42s
We go a little in depth on what we think Survivor Series is going to look like and predicting some possible out comes.
Pilot, favorite picks
2020 Nov 1824m 15s
We discuss our favorite wrestlers and why.
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