• Ginato Sensei
21 episodes
This is a place where we discuss any and everything that gets us excited or “geeked” and share it.


Episode 020 - Good Things Take Time
2021 Jun 1419m 35s
In today's episode G reflects on the past with this being the 20th episode while also thanking everyone who has been supporting the podcast so far. After that G talks about the official launch of GRWTH on June 15th and the documentary series he is working on at the moment. During this discussion G expounds on how he plans on working with more people to help elevate the brand instead of trying to do everything himself. After this he talks about his experience watching Harry Potter for the first time ever. Lastly G talks about Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and his first impressions of the game.
Episode 019 - Know Your Worth
2021 Jun 0734m 53s
In this weeks episode G talks about some major boss moves made by Naomi Osaka and Issa Rae. He also talks about his most anticipated games coming to the PS5. After this G breaks down the new studio upgrades and his plans moving forward. This discussion then leads into some YouTube updates and G expounds on the downside to uploading daily. Lastly G takes ownership of his time and talks about taking control of his schedule.
Episode 018 - The World Is Yours
2021 May 3124m 42s
In this weeks episode G starts off with an NBA playoff update and then proceeds to give a rundown on all the shows and movies he's seen this week including "Black Clover" & "Love, Death & Robot Vol. 2". After then G gives his final thoughts on "Scarface" after finally finishing it this week. That then lead to a discussion on how last week might have been his most productive week as a content creator. G then breaks down his new philosophy on digital real-estate and how he is implementing it for himself. Lastly G talks about Isaiah Rashad's roll out and how there is a real need for his music in the game.
Episode 017 - The Dark Horse
2021 May 2425m 18s
In today's episode G breaks down his playoff predictions for the NBA and his dark horses for both east and western conferences. After this G talks "insecure" and his appreciation for the soundtrack and story behind this show. Then talks about two new shows he's excited about watching on Netflix ("Start Up" and "Love, Death & Robots"). This then lead G to speaking on the classics and his new found desire to watch them since refocusing the content he was creating on YouTube. He then go on to explain how just being good is not good enough anymore and expresses how he is honing my craft. Lastly he gives an update on the GRWTH launch coming up in June.
Episode 016 - Power Of The Narrative
2021 May 1733m 48s
In today's episode G gives his thoughts and opinions on the JBP break up and how the power of building narratives through content. G also breaks down what his perfect day would be and how that has changed his mindset towards chasing goals. J. Cole also dropped a new project so G gives his thoughts on it. Lastly G talks the about dark side of ownership and how the responsibility of it can be paralyzing if your not ready to be uncomfortable.
Episode 015 - Gearing Up
2021 May 1035m 22s
In today's episode G gets into his music bag and breaks down new music from some of his favorite artist (J. Cole and Isaiah Rashad). He then talks a little bit about how he got into music and who he has been listening to recently. Next G talks about what he's been watching this week and gives a quick summary of his thoughts on "Queen of the South" and "Yasuke". After that G gives an update on the GRWTH relaunch and how his approach to content creation has changed. Lastly G give a shout out to all the mom's for Mother's Day.
Episode 014 - Timing Is Everything
2021 May 0327m 23s
In today's episode G talks about the YouTube algorithm and how he navigates the ups and downs between videos. He then gives an update on his search for a PlayStation 5 and breaks down the "Post not getting the PS5 Sadness". Next G talks about all of things he's learned over the years about content creation and how timing is key to everything. Lastly he gives his weekly takes on all the shows he's been watching over the last week.
Episode 013 - Perspective Over Gameplay
2021 Apr 2635m 7s
In today's episode G talks about falling back in love with Destiny 2 (Game) after participating in the Guardian Games for the first time. He also breaks down his all or nothing mindset when it comes to gaming. He then discusses the different series rebrand that occurred on the YouTube channel this week. Expressing the importance of being okay with change and the benefit of going with the flow verses forcing creativity. Lastly G gave a quick synopsis of the his thoughts on the season finale of "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" and the new "Mortal Kombat" movie that recently released.
Episode 012 - What Am I To Do
2021 Apr 1929m 35s
In today's episode G talks about the impact that content can make if we look past the surface level. He gives a breakdown of "Two Distant Strangers"  an short film that gives an up-to-date perspective on the relationship between black people and the police starring Joey Bada$$. He also talks about the most recent episode of "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" were they touch on what it means to be a black man in America and the parallels that occur within the show. Lastly he gives his new outlook on what being a content creator is all about.
Episode 011 - Media Empire
2021 Apr 1226m 6s
In today's episode G talks about his big picture and some of his plans for the future. He also talks about the Valkyrae and CourageJD Co-Ownership announcement for 100 Thieves. He also talks about the difference between joining a gaming organization's compared to staying independent. Lastly he talks his new appreciation for the final trilogy of "Star Wars".