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This podcast provides a platform for us all to learn, grow and transition together. Your host is Tim Fortescue a life coach who comes alongside people of faith as we all manage life's never ending transitions.


Episode 6: My story and some dos and don'ts when deconstructing/reconstructing faith
2021 Jun 097m 18s
In this episode, I share some of my story and give some of the dos and don'ts that have been helpful for me on my journey of faith deconstruction and reconstruction. If on the one hand, you want a more vibrant faith but on the other hand, wonder if you even want to go there, you might find some help and encouragement from this episode.
Episode 5: Order, Disorder, & Reorder in Regards to Faith
2021 Jun 028m 23s
In this episode, I talk about what Richard Rohr calls order, disorder, and reorder in regards to faith. If you've ever struggled with your faith or might even wonder what or if you believe anymore, you might find this episode helpful.
Episode 4: The Three Stages of Change
2021 May 269m 16s
In this episode, I talk about the three stages of change. If you're going through a transition or going into or heading out of one, you might find this episode helpful.
Episode 3: Responding to Three Powerful Questions to Engage Spiritual Wisdom
2021 May 1914m 48s
In this episode, I give you my responses to the three powerful questions to help engage spiritual wisdom that I talked about in episode 2 last week. Check this episode to hear my responses. If you didn't check out episode 2, I encourage you to do so.
Faithfully Growing Together Trailer
2021 May 1234s
Life's about changing. If you're not in transition, chances are you're headed toward or coming out of a transition. If you could use some encouragement and support, I invite you to join me on Faithfully Growing Together.
Episode 2: Three Powerful Questions to Engage Spirituality
2021 May 128m 49s
In this episode, I give you three powerful questions to help you to engage your spirituality from an article that I read this week in Choice Magazine. If you'd like to engage spiritually more but aren't quite sure how, check out this episode.
Episode 1: Reengaging socially after the pandemic
2021 May 059m 51s
In this episode, I talk about my struggle with reengaging people and society again as we emerge from the COVID-19 Pandemic. I give 8 simple exercises to help with reengaging socially that I learned from a NYT article.
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