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A Curious Life, hosted by Hadley Christoffels, is a show where we go ‘behind-the-scenes’ with interesting folk from all across the data ecosystem. It is a series of chilled out campfire-like discussions where we explore how the trait of curiosity has impacted their lives and careers. Hadley has spent the last 2 decades helping businesses extract value from data. As a self-professed lover of “all things D”, he enjoys learning about new technologies, people and ways of thinking. And how that gets us one step closer to scaling the value gained from using data to inform better and faster decisions. As a husband and father first, his hope is that the innovative use of data will have a positive impact on future generations in both Enterprise and Society at large. http://www.acuriouslife.ai


Data to Passion
2021 Jun 1350m 55s
Raghav Sukumar is a Vice President at State Street leading the Product Management in EMEA for AlphaSM Data Services which is State Street’s ‘Data as a Service’ (DaaS) offering for institutional investors. He is responsible for solution architecture, managing product roadmap and providing consultancy for EMEA client implementations. Prior to joining State Street he consulted for the Financial Conduct Authority to implement their Market Data Platform for MiFID II regulation, and provided subject matter expertise to deliver data management and regulatory reporting solutions for a FTSE100 bank and large insurance firms.
Embracing Cultural Diversity
2021 Jun 031h 13m 13s
Marinus Heymann is the Regional Managing Director for Jigsaw Advisory in the Middle East and has 15+ years of experience in consulting focussing on Enterprise Performance Management, Corporate Strategy, Analytics and Digital Transformation.
The Lighter Side of Life
2021 May 2851m 23s
Dr. Michael Zimmer is a father, husband, Chief Data Officer and Head of AI/ML at Zurich Germany. He is the editor of various publications on data, analytics and data science and is a Fellow of TDWI Germany. Before joining Zurich, he worked in consulting for more than 13 years. In his main job, he deals with showing the potential of Data and Analytics (DandA), while spreading the joy for Data and AI and is building bridges between business and IT to create a common spirit of optimism.
Learning to Love Learning
2021 May 201h 16m 56s
Pat Renzi is a Principal at Milliman and the CEO of Milliman’s Life Technology Solutions business.
Ethics in AI
2021 May 131h 17m 22s
Toju Duke is an EMEA Responsible AI Program Manager at Google with over 15 years experience spanning Advertising, Retail, Not-For-Profits, and Tech.
Rocking Maths
2021 May 061h 30m 15s
Udo Sglavo is Vice President of Analytics RandD at analytics powerhouse SAS, where he is passionate about shaping the vision and directing the implementation of some of the world's most powerful analytical techniques. SAS has been applying analytics to complex business problems for decades, and in his role Udo has the privilege of leading a team of highly skilled individuals responsible for building and testing the SAS analytical ecosystem.
Overconfident and Under-equipped
2021 Apr 2957m 27s
Richard Potter advises business leaders around the world on a range of digital transformation challenges. However, it's the building of innovative enterprises that is his real passion.
Movement of Change
2021 Apr 221h 23m 38s
Riedwaan Benefeld is the CEO and founder of Jiracron, a South African consultancy dedicated to providing a platform for historically disadvantaged individuals to succeed in the world of data and analytics. As a co-founder of Sasuka Channel, one of the first channel partners to SAS in South Africa, Riedwaan was instrumental in creating a movement that trained and developed non-white individuals in the post-apartheid era. Through his efforts, they helped hundreds of individuals become successful data professionals. Many of whom have gone on to hold senior positions in large organisations or now run businesses of their own.
Do Fast First
2021 Apr 221h 31m 46s
Oliver Schabenberger is Chief Innovation Officer at SingleStore. He is a former academian and seasoned technology executive with more than 20 years global experience in data management, advanced analytics and AI. Oliver formerly served as COO and CTO of SAS, where he lead the design, development and go to-market-effort of massively scaleable analytic tools and solutions and helped organisations become more data driven. He is a fellow of the American Statistical Association, has co-authored three books, and earned Ph.D and M.S. degrees from Virginia Tech.
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