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  • Kevin Barna
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KB Logix Business Solutions provides technology solutions for businesses everywhere. KBL has over three hundred partnerships with the top business telecoms, ISPs (Internet), CSPs (cloud), MSPs (Managed) in the world, and its business model is designed to ensure its customers get the most value every time. KB Logix Business Solutions' new online megastore, KBL Business Technology "One-Stop-Shop" has just opened but is still under construction. It will grow into a megastore, a One-Stop-Shop if you will, a place for businesses everywhere to get max value for all their business technology needs. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kevin-barna/support


Season 1 Episode 7: KB Logix Business Solution Overview Dan DiOrio_Telco Hldgs_ThincForward_Stephan_Chase_Next Episode 8 Guest?_HD
2021 Apr 2728m 15s
Season 1, Episode 7: Kevin Barna provides general KB Logix Business Solutions current business status and a companywide update...SPECIAL EPISODE -  NEXT EPISODE Tune in for the next episode, Season 1, Episode 8: KBL Business Technology One-Stop-Shop Podcast - Host and CEO, Kevin Barna, has a "Killer LineUp", with esteemed guest, visiting South Florida via Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dan DiOrio, CEO Telco Holdings | ThincForward as a highly respected business technology industry leader, someone I personally consider a mentor, an expert in salesmanship, and an "Elite Customer Relationship Builder", along with Stephan Chase, most recently Senior Enterprise Account Executive, Windstream Enterprise, a long-time, highly-valued friend, confidant, family member, and loved one. Stephan Chase, when you look at his highly affective style of sales and elite technique, in answering customer needs, building value, and long-term customer relationships, I am comfortable stating, is very likely the top salesperson I know, and possibly the best worldwide when it comes to allowing the customer to sale themselves. Stephan is masterful in identifying customer needs (creating value) and takes a "less is more" approach, like elite martial artists, he is highly skilled in using an opponent's offense as his primary weapon. (that may come from his National Champion Wrestling days) Stephan is a skilled listener, patient, and never misreads a customer talking or explaining reasons they cannot make a purchase as a customer saying "we are not buying", as an objection. Stephan is a highly skilled "closer" that truly empathizes with his customers, always in context, asking the right questions with precise timing, gaining commitments, and guiding the customers to commit to him "they are ready to buy" and it is valuable to them. Stephan's customers are always willing to pay premium prices for premium value. He is uniquely skilled and qualified at the highest level. These are two heavyweights folks. You will want to tune in to this show if you occupy any of the relative spaces associated with Dan & Stephan's elite skillsets, Season 1, Episode 8...It is a "Must See" or for Podcast Listeners, a "Must Hear".
KB Logix Business Solutions Update | Tuesday 3.30.2021 noon
2021 Apr 0833m 42s
KB Logix Business Solutions is getting ready for big things.
KBL Business Technology One-Stop-Shop - Kevin Barna Provides Complete Overview of Everything KBL Business Technology "Soup-to-Nuts"
2021 Apr 0827m 9s
Kevin Barna, CEO & Managing Director for KBL Business Solutions and all KBL's offspring, including KBL Business Technology One-Stop-Shop, touches on the entire scope of how KBL Business Technology came about and the many ways in which it will be used. Kevin provides an efficient "Soup-to-Nuts" overview. Tune in. There are no wasted words in his efficient explanation, albeit brief, he touches on everything relative to KBL Business Technology.
KB Logix Business Solutions | MDU Solutions 2021 | Using Technology to Increase Cap Rates
2021 Apr 0625m 7s
ATTENTION:  Multifamily Property Owners | Property Management Executives | Decision-makers for Multifamily Properties
KB Logix Business Solutions Strategic Relaunch Will Utilize KBL e-commerce Digital Marketing Footprint
2021 Apr 0656m 59s
KB Logix Business Solutions discusses what is in store for 2021, how its unique business model provides its customers an undeniable "unfair advantage" over its competitors, and explains why the customer relationship is an invaluable and mutually beneficial key ingredient for both parties, with "loyalty" as the primary common denominator.
KB Logix Business Solutions 2021 "The Year of the Revolution"
2021 Jan 017m 55s
This short clip was recorded on January 1, 2021, the first day of the new year. Kevin Barna, CEO | Managing Director for KB Logix Business Solutions, provides a brief overview of what he sees for KB Logix Business Solutions in 2021
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